WiW: 5 Wilton Place, South City Centre, Dublin 2

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OK - academic for me - but it would be interesting to get a view on this - OK nick Georgian house for potential reversion to classy townhouse

It’s currently in offices for the most part so valuation should probably focus on that first - what do Pinsters reckon this will rent for all in? -
surely the market for these type of offices must be getting killed given the amount of high spec office space in town.

there’s asimilar one here - also in offices for 1.25M
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and a super duper renovated version on Fitzwilliam St - for 1.7M- somewhat less desirable location in some respects
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/396646

I see this is asking for approx 60k pa in rent
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@5% yield 60k/.05= 1.2M
@7% yield: 60 000 / .07 = 850k

is 60k remotely achievable and if so what is the appropriate yield?

There’s a lot of kerb crawlers on that particular stretch after dark. Not great for a prime townhouse.

I recall similar comments on the FitzWilliam St place;

FFS, I thought the interweb had done away with that sort of thing! :smiley:

These would be natives. Paying for a family members habit. And would be prob occasional workers. Real desperation. Very sad.
Met a pimp on a bike there once. Checking on his one woman operation probably