WIW 5 Woodfield Avenue, Inchicore, Dublin 8

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2164008

Location wise it seems ok… but it does look like it backs onto the rail line. A busy one at that if I’m not mistaken.
For this reason I would say €130k

I have had an offer accepted at a little more than that.
The train noise is actually pretty minimal…I hope the structural survey comes back ok.
I like the area I only live 5 minutes walk from there at the minute and have lived there for about 4 years.

Given up on Cabra then :slight_smile:

Best of luck with it… not sure the noise of passing trains would be my thing but to each their own.
Hope you get it for what you are happy to pay and enjoy this or wherever else you end up buying.

I did indeed lol.
My mortgage wont be too high and the place doesnt need work so very happy all and all cheers

Reminds me of an apartment my wife rented when we were going out. It was rather close to a train line (another country in Europe, electric rail) and you could see the trains from the living room window. When originally viewing the apartment my wife asked the estate agent repeatedly whether the trains were loud/disturbing. The estate agent assured her that they were not lound and she would really not be annoyed by the trains.

The estate agent was right, in that you could barely hear the trains and it wasn’t disturbing. What was rather disturbing (and was completely overlooked with the focus on trains) were the two motorcycle shops within 10 m of the apartment, where the mechanics would spend saturday mornings testing engines by revving them up and down, and the traffic on the road which was exacerbated by the fact it was a bend in the road where cars would brake and then accelerate loudly away. Plus on Sunday’s the nuns who owned the building next-door ran a sort of charity give-away giving away clothes and similar in a noisy free-for-all.

With all the other noise, you really didn’t hear the trains at all.

I live near the Dart section of the northern line. Not quite backing onto it, mind you, but close enough. I do hear one or two of the last trains, on occasion, before bed, but that’s in the 11-12pm range, and mostly I don’t notice. To an extent you drown these things out. I’d certainly factor train lines into value, as it’s leverage considering people are put off, but they wouldn’t put me off per se.

Now, if the Dart Underground inter-connector is ever built…
… the tunnel portal will be close to your gaff, with the line going under it. Double check that some noisy vents won’t be sending a rumble into your back garden. Also get an idea of how big the construction site would be, and how long it would go on for etc. Try find out the implications of the deep bore under your gaff etc.

Not scaremongering you. I generally have confidence in engineers from a safety and integrity point of view, and refrain from hyperbole. My only query here is with respect to value considering the hyperbole of others. Not to mention the fact that this thing is shelved indefinitely.

Wow thats all very interesting.
Im not really sure I can understand that pdf and how it might affect that house.
So is the thick red line is the above ground part and the double single lines are the underground part?
If the trains went underground would that not be better from a noise etc point of view?

Yeah the thin lines are underground. The area to the left would be major works, along with the other end at east wall. I think you’d be fine, these things are well engineered and there was little or no problem in Marino with the port tunnel. I did read somewhere about air vents coming up through gardens.

There’s a thread on dart underground on boards.ie in the infrastructure forum. It’s long, but then you’re about to spend a lot of money. I’d take a lot of what’s said with a pinch of salt, but there’s good links in there so you should be able to find out what objections were raised at public meetings, what gaurantees were made etc.

Personally I wouldnt be put off, if it ever went ahead there’s plans for a cultural area in the old yards, which would be nice on your doorstep (along with the trains themselves). What I would educate myself about is the construction phase.

But then, it might never be built :wink:

Have you gone sale agree on this one yet? If so, why is it not showing sale agree on myhome.ie?

I think that area to the left would be just far enough away for it not to impact on me.
I will definitely have a search for the thread on boards.ie.
It would also be handy having a direct route to stephens green on my doorstep eventually.

Booking deposit was paid yesterday they probably just havent got round to changing it yet.
I have rang about places a few times and they havent been posted as sale agreed yet despite EA saying they are.

Is this the thread you mean?
boards.ie/vbulletin/showthre … 70&page=77

Oh I think this is it
boards.ie/vbulletin/showthre … 391&page=2

If you only paid the deposit yesterday that makes sense then. But then sometimes I wonder if EAs wait till contracts are signed to change the status of the add to sale agree. Not sure how it works.

Anyway, good luck wit the new place. It is very nice on the photos.

Yes, it was that one. There’s some good info amongst the bickering and personal jibes.

So is the proposal that…the overground line will be replaced by an underground or that there will be both?
I have a lot of reading to do!

www.dartundergroundrailwayorder.ie/asse … NTS_03.pdf

This allays a lot of my worries, the access wont be anywhere near that house, and the station is far enough away…could actually be a long term benefit maybe?

Yeah, looks like the ventilation/intervention shafts are a good bit away, from that document. So nothing to worry about.

I would definitely see dart as a long term benefit if it gets off the ground. The proposal is part of a scheme to electrify as far as Kildare, with it going underground through a new tunnel at inchicore and continuing through the south city centre via christchurch, SSG, Pearse st and on out resurfacing at east wall and becoming the defacto northern dart as far as balbriggan and later beyond.

The regular line into heuston would continue as normal for the intercity and some commuter services.

I suppose my only real worry would be the noise of having trains running underneath me… is this likely?

You’re only going to get older and your hearing will get worse over time…
(now you’ve something else to worry about :slight_smile:)