WIW 50 Claremont Crescent, Glasnevin Dublin 9

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No 40 and no 60 are also for sale for 20K and 50K more.

The area is okay - house ticks most boxes plus 2 bedrooms more than I need. Is it worth 279k (or 200K?)

279K? Nope, it is more in Finglas than it is in Glasnevin and it needs a fair amount spent on it to update it, especially the bathroom and kitchen. The SuperSer sitting out in the middle of the living room floor indicates a problem keeping the house warm. Do the rads and fireplace not get the job done? What is up with the weird bed in picture #9? Is it plugged into a heater? #40 and #60 are over priced considering the market these days, not unless they are very much bigger, are in great shape and have brand spanking new kitchens and bathrooms.

Eh no it’s not being opposite Glasnevin Cemetary and well within Tolka River boundary it is certainly Glasnevin proper and not a bit Finglas.

Well number 60 is in Dublin 11 so that EA is either lazy or fibbing. I know this area and that side is definitely Dublin 11 - Not saying it is a bad area but D11 is considered a grade below Dublin 9 and does affect the long term value - just something to be aware of if considering purchasing there. It’s a fair way from Finglas, to be fair… but does share the same area code.

It is Dublin 11 and plenty of Dublin 11 is in Glasnevin, Dublin 11 being a large area. The title is wrong, also misleading to put too much stock in postcodes. That area is closer to Phibsborough than Finglas. Also there are large differences between places in the same post code and even between estates close to each other. Stating the obvious I know. I would recommend that area, quiet, good for families, close to city centre, Phibsborough, Drumcondra, Botanic Gardens, Phoenix Park, M50 etc.

Having owned just down the road from here I’d say be careful. This is just not a popular part of Glasnevin. The design of the houses, while modern, never seemed to appeal to a lot of people. Even in good times, houses in this estate struggled to sell. There’s also a small council estate right beside it.

People are arguing over whether this is Glasnevin or Finglas. It’s not “Old Glasnevin”, generally Dublin 9 Glasnevin, which is the desirable part. Dublin 11 is normally “Glasnevin North”.

As for whether this is important or not. It matters a lot when it comes to schooling for your kids. You got to be in the parish of the school you want to get your kids into. So it’s the parish that is of importance really, not the postcode. Worth ringing around various local parishes to find out which one Claremont is in. Given the complete failure of the government over the last decade to adequately provision school places in the correct catchment areas, I’d be very careful.

Desirable for who and at what price? You can’t just judge an entire area (or people)l by a postcode, ridiculous. That kind of thinking is very backward and as I have already indicated, completely wrong. This part of ‘new Glasnevin’ is right beside Glasnevin Cemetary, going on 200 years old almost! There is no such thing as Glasnevin North, you are making up terms, unless you mean the way parts of Ballymun magically became Glasnevin North (that area is completely on the opposite side of Glasnevin, as I already indicated Glasnevin covers a large area). If you checked a map you would realise this is not North Glasnevin but actually South Glasnevin, Glasnevin ending at Iona/Phibsborough just up the road. ‘New’ Glasnevin includes most of Glasnevin stretching out in every direction if you call the tiny area of Glasnevin Village ‘old’. The parish is Iona parish, which is Botanic/Drumcondra/Phibsborough area. This estate didn’t sell a lot of houses because many people don’t want to sell/leave it being a settled and quiet area, close to city centre, a cul de sac with plenty of green space and probably the main reason being recently they were ridiculously overpriced like almost everywhere in the country. Any school kids in this area can attend local schools in Glasnevin, Iona and Drumcondra (or at least could, I don’t know the criteria now). The selection of schools is an average for a public Irish education…poor to middling.


Glasnevin North is clearly marked on any standard OSI street Map that you can buy in a petrol garage. Check maps.osi.ie/publicviewer/#V1,714694,738745,5,10 for an online version. Not marked on Google Maps.

It’s still an option on myhome.ie although houses magically moved to Glasnevin. All houses in D11 used come up under Glasnevin North. I never referred to it’s actual position north,south,east,west etc.

So you’re wrong there I’m afraid. Sorry if you feel wronged by an ex D9 owner but that’s the general D9 viewpoint.

With regard to Claremont houses being sticky to sell. I’m talking about 10-15 years ago not recent silly prices. There was always one or two of them for sale for months and months.

In regard to schools, things are a lot different today than 20 years ago. Dept of Education changed rules some time ago to try to hide prefab problem.

If you lived there, what would be more useful would be if you provided info as to which exact parish it is in.

There seems a constant supply of houses there, for sale and also for rent. I’ve often wondered why - it isn’t the largest estate.

I’m guessing the houses are actually very small for 4 beds. There are no sq footage figures quoted.

Can’t believe some of the comments posted here.

I know some families in this estate. It’s a great area, and very definitely not Finglas. A very different kind of estate than many northside areas. Very picturesque in the Spring, Summer and Autumn when all the trees are in full bloom. It’s on a QBC, not too far away from the Botanic Gardens, and a great Dublin Pub, the Gravediggers, is about a 10 minute walk. Not sure if it’s in the catchment area for St. Patrick’s national school in Drumcondra but worth checking out.

We considered buying in the area when we were looking about 15 months ago but prices were above €400k at the time (though I think this may have been for a 5-bed). I can’t actually believe they have fallen that far so quickly, even allowing for the general collapse in prices and the renovation work involved in this house. It leaves me a bit suspicious actually.

One or two concerns is that when we were looking there seemed to be a high concentration of rentals in the estate which personally turns me off areas. Also, some houses back on to an adjoining industrial estate and you would question how secure they are. The rail line behind some houses was also a cause for concern but we were told by neighbours that these are sparsely used. Finally, the rear gardens were a bit too small for our taste.

Those reservations aside, and I know I sound like a plant for the estate agent, I am genuinely surprised the asking price is that far below €300,000. Am I right in saying you could even get this under the Council’s Shared Ownership scheme?

Fair enough. Yes, technically it is Glasnevin. But weren’t two young men shot and killed in a petrol station just up the road from here (in the Tesco/Clearwater development) by (according to the Guards) Finglas drug dealers who thought that the 2 young lads were rivals intruding on their turf?

Agree with all the positive notes. That Tesco petrol startion 3/4 of a mile from here and actually, as the crow flies, closer to the botanical gardens!

Lovely space around here. Quiet. The Claremont estates are generally quiet and well behaved. Dead centre etc :slight_smile:

I think, at this money, you would not regret buying. I do recall some of these houses were in excess of 500k in 2007.

The problem is that an extra 100k gets you a fixer upper in old Drumcondra/Phibsboro so can see these going for less.

In an ordinary market I would call this value - but we are far from an ordinary market and WILL overshoot on the downside.

I lived in that exact estate in a house-share. And I can confirm
This is definitely in the D11 postcode.
It is definitely a lot closer to Phibsborough than Finglas - it is most certainly Glasnevin - HBR is dead wrong to say its Finglas.
Those houses are cold - that bit that pokes out the front contains the sitting room and a bedroom and unless you’re planning to do something about the insulation those two rooms are very very cold indeed. We used to keep quilts in the sitting room for watching the TV in winter.
There is a lot of room in those houses but the internal layout is poor and utilises that space poorly.
The actual estate you are in is very well-maintained. There is a very strong tenants association and they keep the place looking very pretty. (You will be strongly encouraged to join.)

Overall: I loved living in that house because I loved the location, close to town but handy to get onto the M50 as well when you wanted to get out of the place. Convenient for shopping and bus-routes. Convenient for The Gravediggers pub. I’ve no idea what it would be like to raise children in but I always said that if I’d won the lottery in the morning and money wasn’t an object I would have bought it from our LL, gutted it, insulated it to hell and back, got an architect to re-design the space inside the house, pay the brown envelopes to whoever needed to be bribed to get my planning permission and turned it into a house I’d plan to be carried out of in a cheap pine box one fine day.

EDIT to add: it really is quite close to town. You’re looking at a very walkable two miles there. If you work in town you could walk to cycle to work (I did).

Good stuff, Bigby. I wish we could get an equally detailed view of all estates in Dublin.

Off the PRTB register the sq metre measurements of 4 and 5 bed houses there vary from 80 sq m to 135 sq metres! That’s some range.