WIW:52 Hollybank Avenue Lower, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1909270

This was on view today (saturday 19th) - anybody go to check it out - low to mid 500’s seems to be the goin rate for initial asking prices of most houses in this area - will this drop much?

Is it just the photos or are the downstairs rooms really narrow ?

You would think after prices have crashed by over 50% that €550,000 could get you a house with the following

A. Off street parking,
B. Side entrance or way to the back garden,
C. Decent size back garden,

The house is not even 5 Meters wide, I think its a narrow terraced house with a small rear garden and no parking, and a lot of roads in ranelagh parking is nightmarish. I think its over priced but Ranelagh seems to be the most expensive places to live at the moment so could get AP. IMO not worth it tho.

Want all that for under 550k? Look elsewhere.

€550k will get you all of that and more, in most parts of the country and the capital, but not in Ranelagh or certain other part of Dublin. In your opinion it is not worth the money but if houses can sell for this level then in the opinion of the market it is worth that money. To me this house is worth nothing as I have no more desire for it than I have for a house in Clontarf or Knocklyon or Stoneybatter, but that doesn’t mean that houses in those places are therefore all overpriced.

Oh and as far as I recall, you’re right about Ranelagh being one of the most expensive places to buy - there’s been some nice price per square foot analysis on the pin, and D6 has been right up at the top.

IMO this is a fur coat no knickers house. I want to live in Ranelagh but this is all I can afford :frowning:

On a price per sq ft basis it appears expensive but in absolute terms it is one of the cheaper properties in Ranelagh.

Even by Ranelagh standards it’s well overpriced

At the viewing on Saturday, the agent was telling everyone there was an offer in of €500k.

The house doesn’t appear to need anything done with it… which seems to be a bit of a magic formula for attracting offers at the moment (from what I’ve observed from the sidelines.)

i would think its toppy at 550k but the market has answered.

And gone sale agreed

Off street parking is probably worth a fortune in Ranelagh, given that there generally is none, and if you manage to park near your house on some roads you’d be doing well.

Agree with this, anything done up seems to be shifting much quicker these das. Anecdote alert: I know a few people who had issues with finance when buying a fixer-upper, even when they weren’t borrowing the refurb cost they were being penalised on what they could borrow

I sometimes look up 2005/6 auction results online just to remind myself how barmy prices got.

Not only do they still shock me, but it’s surprising how quickly I forgot how high they went.

When I’m looking at the market today, I ask myself if the same property would have gone for twice current price.
When I find a comparable 2005/6 sale, the price easily outstretches that barometer.