WIW 53 Dowth Avenue, Cabra, Dublin 7

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I went to see this yesterday…place isnt in amazing nick…garden is small…rooms are small…offer already of 140k…and 5!!! underbidders…seriously I thought this would go for 130k max! what does everyone else think?

If the EA is telling the truth it could be because although it needs work it has the new windows, heating etc. so can be moved into. Or it could be someone wanting to flip it. People are looking for so-called “bargains” and there isn’t very much, it would appear, in that price range. Are you interested in buying it to live in?

Think this is on one of the better ex corpo streets in Cabra.

Cabra east is preferable to Cabra west - house isnt in too bad nick - a number of pros. Cons however houses were down to 100 to 110k last year in this part of Cabra. Houses almost directly across the road went for less than 100k. The orientation of the house isnt great (east facing), and the garden is tiny. Also the house is located very close to some major criminals further up north of fassaugh who would need to drive past the house to get to new Cabra road and town. A mixed bag.

I have just gone sale agreed on another house (to live in not rent out)…but had already arranged to look at this one.
It definitely has potential, and as you said Cabra East is definitely preferable to west.
The small garden would totally put me off tbh, but has 3 bedrooms and is close to town/grangegorman so would be a good rental.
I think its a little over priced at this stage myself.