WIW - 54 Dublin Road, Sutton, Dublin 13.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 13/1612476

Any opinions? Looks like a nicely finished house. Huge back garden.

Rationel Windows shut down OVER 3 YEARS AGO so is it really “recently refurbished” as per the guff ???

I’d go low on this, someone cannot hold onto it much longer I reckon. No more than €400k or a netch over.

Already discussed here


Sounds about right. Though ya might have to throw in a few quid extra - there’s an artic spa in the garden…

Nice view. What’s the surrounding area like?

Well you’re surrounded by the sea on one side and there are estates (Sutton Park/Bayside) behind the house. The general area is quite good but it depends on what you want. Sutton Cross is where the nearest decent facilities are, but the traffic is awful much of the time. (There’s a very dated shopping centre in Bayside, plus pub, church etc.) The house is handy for Fintans secondary school (for boys) and there are several girls schools in Raheny (plus Santa Sabina beyond Sutton Cross).
The main attraction here is the sea-front and the bracing walks/cycle tracks etc, as well as the proximity to Howth, Portmarnock and (further away) Malahide. The DART at Bayside is probably about a ten-minute walk.

view and walks it is.
feels sort of “in the middle” of howth/malahide/raheny, ie, close enough to get facility from all the areas, but outside so you dont really get the “feel” of living in a small village with pubs/restaurants/etc on your doorstep.

there is a bus stop just outside the house which is handy (group of routes running every 5-10 minutes). you are also a little set back from the road so there is privacy. the traffic along that stretch can still back up quite a bit due to sutton cross / baldoyle level crossing bottle necks but generally is ok.
you wont have any safe on street parking if you have a lot of visitors. its a fast stretch of road and narrow for what it is. path is also fairly narrow and uneven (due to driveways) if you have kids.

going by recent anecdotal sales prices in the area, it will find a buyer quickly at 450-475. long term (excl inflation), i imagine 350-375 would be a more realistic price but its a slow decline

also, watch out for skeletons appearing in the garden

SKELETONS !!! ??? !!!

It’s only a few doors away from an ancient burial ground (i.e. cemetery). Handy if the moggy gets squashed on that busy road…

kilbarrack cemetery is mostly sand, i’m fairly sure all the skeletons have washed out to sea by now, but you still find the odd arm or leg :wink:

Phoned the agent on this one, appears to have gone Sale Agreed, although he did say it was ‘On Hold’ - which does not make much sense really…not sure what is meant by ‘On Hold’