WIW 55 Brookwood Avenue Artane


At 175,000 looks reasonable …no pictures of kitchen and decor look basic so i assume you need to spend at 30,000 to make it a decent place ?

is it a very Busy road …

Any local knowledge /thoughts ?

i used to have a friend down that way when i was younger, the only thing i would comment is that its a bit of a no mans land in terms area.
you are on the edge of raheny, harmonstown, clontarf and killester (implied also by being on the main road which intersects these 4 areas)

regardless, i would assume that is either a misprint or an outlier about to reset some expectations.
that seems to be about the price for a 1bed in that area

I believe there’s been some kind of subsidence issue with that house. Busy main road but a nice area, I’d say.

Yes that is a low price for that house I would have thought. Maybe there is some issue with it.
I don’t think that road is that busy. It’s busy around school opening and closing times but doesn’t seem that bad at other times of day.

I’m from near enough to here, and heard this place was reasonably priced. Rang up the agent about a week ago, Flynn in killester I think.
They told me it was sold to cash buyer for asking and that the house had subsidence issues in the past. Surprised its still being offered, “cash” must have gone or perhaps subsidence was worse than though, I don’t know.

I am out of the country …this looked a bit too good to be true …good size and space …the bedroom on the extension looks unusual and no fotos of the kitchen seemed strange.