WIW - 56 Crannagh Road

Lurker since the early days… taken me this long to post…

Would have thought this should have buyers at more than €300 Square-

Big lot size, SW garden, very attractive house (subjective I guess) and backing onto golf course - all push it up

I’d guess somewhere around €1.1 - €1.2 or is even a desirable road in “old Rathfarnham (in EA parlance)” going to struggle to get this given current sentiment, economic environment, credit availablity, etc etc

Would be interested in hearing alternative views…

mentioned here…


I actually wouldn’t think its even worth €1.1-€1.2m. In saying that, it only takes one interested deep-pocketed party to buy a house, so who knows what they’ll get. I think 950k is more what I’d want to pay for this, but I do really like the site and I’m always partial to golf-club views so who knows. The ‘old Rathfarnham’ EA term is no longer even relevant as far as I’m concerned. Seemingly the agent realizes this too as he makes no reference to this label which once added hundreds of thousands onto the price tag. When hardship comes, there is no point in mentioning any address other than D4 or D6 - people run to these areas for ‘safety’ and Rathfarnham, even old Rathfarnham, no longer warrants prices such as this for houses in bad repair. The competition speaks for itself - Fonthill House on 1/2 acre and 50% larger just a mile down the road for €650,000 (myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1801516) asking 100k less at €1.4m, still on a fine site, 50% larger than Crannagh, needs some structural finishes such as wiring, etc. but gives you a completely blank canvas and saves you the time and money of ripping every single carpet, fitting, bathroom, etc. from the house as needs to be done at Roxboro. Orwell Park will always be an incomparably better address and the fact that a wreck on Crannagh is asking more than a 50% larger wreck on Orwell Park is quite astonishing, although I am with you on the fact that the Crannagh house is attractive - however the Orwell house would appeal to far more people.

I’m still suprised by how quickly perception of value changes…

just a few days later and armed with some new information the asking look ridiculous - I hope the vendors have a plan B

I believe 1 Crannagh sold for c. 650k.

And if you follow my scientific approach to house valuation in SCD as follows:

add on a very generous 200K for SW rather than NE garden and allowing for the fact it overlooks the golf course

bung on another 100k because no. 56 is more attractive looking house…

maybe another 75 because it’s bigger and better layout inside

you get to somthing around €1M…

Most potential buyers could easily shovle another 200K into the house…

Think different assumptions are required to get to something more sensible

At 1.2M I think many buyers who could afford those sums would be thinking of D6/4/2

Agreeing with SoCoDu I think that Crannagh Road has a good bit more to go before values stabilise

Re no 50 I recall that a similar house (backing onto golf course) sold at auction in 2002 for 650K -cant find the link… would have thought we were well before 2002 prices around that area

Another one gone

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1804412

Must say I’m suprised no price drops here…

Personally I think its a really good house which ticks a lot of boxes still suprised that there were no price drops, assume it must have sold for well over a million but who knows?

As I’ve said already " the bounce is getting bouncier"

Being stringer built must be worth more than I thought too :angry:

myhome.ie/priceregister/56-c … n-14-56303

More than I would have thought but it is a bit unique

Visited this one the other day to see what’s going on with it. Looks like every inch of the house has been gutted, think the windows were all gone too and the roof is also partially gone.

I imagine a lot more than my initial suggestion of €200K will be spent on this too. Personally I’d prefer this house over many around D6 for the same cash but I’d say there would be a smaller pool of buyers for it.

I’ve been in a few of the gardens on that side of the road (I did not view this one as too rich for me) and there is a sense of being away from it all with the golf course out the back and lower traffic noise too.

Good luck to the new owner.

Sold for €1.315m in the end, as per PPR.

It looks like the facade is about all that is being retained of the house. Could be a 300 - 400k job?