WIW 57 Brighton Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6

This is being sold through DNG:-


At 3,165 square feet, the asking price of €995,000 seems fairly conservative if you allow about €400 per square foot.

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to be entirely out of keeping with recent prices on the road.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Shush, don’t tell anyone about it. I saw the ad a week or so ago and thought it was one of the better value houses in D6; good size, overtly good condition with a smallish garden but offstreet parking. Brownie points for the EA for screwing up the mapping.

I saw it thought it was a fine house , beautifully decorated. Only problem with it are the bedrooms are small, no room for a ensuite, no natural light in the kitchen and that road is very tight, even in the middle of the day parking is bad. That being said I would be stunned if it doesn’t go for a lot more over asking, one a few doors up went for 960 recently and it needed tons of work

I’ve been living on this road for six weeks now. I don’t find the parking a problem at all. I’ve never once been unable to park outside the house. The only evening that the road was overly busy was an evening where one of the neighbours had a big party.

A very nice house. Pity that Rathgar is not on the Luas… You might spend your mornings in the traffic on Clanbrassil Street.

I like the road, and never had any trouble parking there on the occasions I’ve visited.

The house itself is very nice; I think it needs a bit of work (plumbing and wiring look a bit aged) but it has loads of potential, and you could certainly live in it very happily as is.

I understand the bidding is now at more than €1,050,000, which makes my interest purely academic.

I like how measurements are quoted to 0.1mm precision but the room dimensions add up to only 240sqm.

I think that’s because the details record a number of rooms as being 0.0m X 0.0m. The proof-reading was clearly very thorough…

Sale agreed

Sold - €1,182,500.