WIW 57 Butterfield Ave, Rathfarnham


Any thoughts on this? Agent claims an offer of 330,000, needs a decent amount of work on the kitchen, decor etc.

needs a lot of work and practically no room to extend. I’d say from looking at the decor the electrics and maybe plumbing would need work. at least it’s had central heating put in. thats a busy road it’s on too
60-70k for work including insulation to modern standards…purely a guess on my part from what I’ve seen other people say here on other topics

Ignore the EA claims in my opinion.

If you think it is the house for you negoitiate with the EA and don’t be afraid to offer less if you can perform quickly to close. Also get very clear answers to any of the EA claims and if your not comfortable walk away. The area is good but as freefallin pointed out it is a very busy road and the house needs quite a bit of work. Not sure if this house was in great condition that it might even get near 400K now in my opinion.

#43 is a better house but went for ~400K in 2001 and needed work.


I’d say this will get around the asking of 350k.

Got a friend to ring EA and he told them asking price was 325, messing us around

don’t ever be surprised at how low an EA can go!

Just realised this is the same EA firm that a friend of mine dealt with.

My mates story in short is the EA tells my friend he is about to go sale agreed on a property at X price, the EA completely misled him about this so called sale agreement which my mate discovers after he asks the EA to clarify details. In the end my mate offers more money and the EA says he’ll call him back quickly on it and doesn’t. A week late the EA answers his phone and tells him the offer was refused straight away and they want more money, what a muppet.

Maybe the EA Mr. R might be a reader of the PIN and he might post a reply to explain himself. This EA dealings with potential buyers are appearing a little dubious.

sounds like same ea alright. like the house but with so much work to be done dont want to be duped into overpaying

sale agreed

sale agreed for 335,000 … some silly going on’s by the EA could have been got for lower but ho hum

Hi Marie,

Just out of interest where was the sale agreed figure obtained?

I’m shocked it sold for that much.

As above. I’d be interested in knowing where you got that figure from too!
Actually would love to know where all the sale agreed figures are got on the Pin!
Are we relying on EA’s to tell the truth if you enquire directly from them?? :nin