Wiw 57 monastery grove Enniskerry

Wiw 57 monastery grove Enniskerry
Just saw this on my home looks beautiful inside and good value but wondering what the catch is.
love the village but where is this estate in relation to village is it a quiet area etc anyone see it yet

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/2178082

It’s a small terrace house with no garden in Wicklow. That is the catch.

At 235k you think the is a catch?
I think that seems a high price for a fairly small terrace with a poor garden.

It doesn’t seem that small at 1159 sq and Eniskerry isn’t that far and on m11 easily accessible. Compared to some I have seen it seems reasonable Enniskerry always seems to attract premium and it is the d4 of north Wicklow. A bit suspicious there is major problem lurking like new road expansion or terrible antisocial behaviour although hardly likely in Enniskerry if anyone has inside information let me know

I am pretty sure that it is a former council estate, even D4 has those… there is in fact a road in the county development plan that will run from the N11 and goes to where Ballyman meets Berryfield. I don’t see that as much of a catch though. Some of the fields behind are zoned but not densely.

I would expect to be paying less tbh but not because of hidden catches.

Agree with the other posters. Enniskerry is expensive because there are some lovely houses there. This isn’t one of them. It’s ok, but not cheap.