WIW 57A South Hill, Dartry


Lovely house, but bidding on this is, wait for it, 1.3m!

I’m not sure what’s going on out there any more…

Detached, huge, in a fabulous (and rarely available) location, in turnkey condition and only 25% more than terraced houses in Ranelagh? I’m not a bit surprised. I thought the asking price was way too low.

What’s happened is that the people who didn’t borrow or invest in property schemes during the boom have come out waving massive wads of savings and they’re stampeding towards the prime areas in Dublin. With increase in DIRT in budget, probably a wise move.

I’d say both the vendor and EA are probably surprised at how much the offers are at.

Definitely a decent strategy to price low when you are confident that there will be a few bidders.

No doubt this is a very attractive house but some of the 4 bed semis that went for 560 odd 18 months or so ago look like bargains relatively

Now sale agreed, anyone know what it ended up at ?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2224395

Lovely inside but hardly inspiring from the outside

I don’t disagree, but how important is that to people when determining ho much they will pay for a house?
Genuine question. For me it is not very important - I won’t be living outside the house.

For me it is, I think curb appeal is important and if I spent that kind of money on a house I would want it to look it. I think on this house take away the ivy and it is just a plain 70’s looking house
It is nice inside but you could buy many houses and transform them inside, you can’t change the outside.
It all depends on what kind of money you are spending of course, at the lower end of the market it wouldn’t really matter at all but at that level, it would, to me certainly

Depends how expensive it is.

I currently live in a house whose costs demand zero lifestyle sacrifices, so I can live with crimes against aesthetics (e.g. pebble dash).

If I was to move to a house that was uncomfortably expensive (i.e. required significant lifestyle sacrifices) it would need to look nice.

I don’t know how many people can afford to buy a 1.3m house without lifestyle sacrifices.

Per Property Register
16/12/2013 €1,300,000.00 57A South Hill, Dartry, Dublin 6