WIW - 58 Arnold Park, Glenageary

What would the following house be worth myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1804040. Its a nice area, good size house and big garden. But it only has electric storage heaters, so probably needs a bit of modernisation.

Currently asking €415k
129 m² floor area
105ft. long rear garden

Would you say the floor area includes the garage?

I wouldn’t think so - it doesn’t normally, and in spite of variations in the methods EAs use to calculate floor area (they have special tape measures) the garage is generally not included.

I think the garage might be included sometimes they use it to bullk up the overall floor area!.. It’s currently asking €299 per square foot. I think I’d put in a low ball offer of 290 and have a top offer of 320k… whether it is actually worth that… I don’t know!

That is my problem I cant figure out what anything is worth. I heard a house in Glenageary lodge went sale agreed for 395,000. That house was more up to date, but the one in Arnold Park is a nicer location.

There is one asking 395 in Glenageary Lodge… if one went sale agreed at 395 I would think this might be asking more to allow for 10-15-20% negotiation price…

I just heard from a friend who knows the person who went sale agreed, though the person could be speculating based on last asking price

just to clarify, are you saying you’d offer 290 per square foot (€402,000) or €320,000 (230 per square foot)?
I wouldn’t think this house would get more than 325,000 but I am consistently being outbid or having offers rejected in this area so I guess there are others who disagree with me.

I’d be really really surprised if a house in glenageary lodge got €395,000 tbh.

Low offer of 290k highest bid 320k… My bad… Did look a bit confusing!

god, I’d jump at this house for either of those prices. I suspect it will get more though.

It needs alot of work so whoever buys it is going to have to spend a further 100k getting a heating system, electrics, windows, insulation etc so I think around the 300k mark is a fair price…

Would it be worth much more than these houses
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1604176
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1769848.

All houses are on the same cul de sac. The house and the garden are slightly bigger though.

the first one Thomastown road is not really the same cul-de-sac, its very close to the main road and so will always achieve a lower price than those on the true cul-de-sac beside the park. It needs a good bit of work too. Its not comparable to the arnold park house IMO.

the second one (flower grove) is a better house than thomastown but worse than arnold park IMO. Its been for sale for a very long time, has had two agents and no price drops. The EA told me the vendor does not need to sell and can wait until they get an offer they’re happy with. IMO, they are going to be waiting a very very very long time if they expect to get even close to the asking (395). It has no room for expansion as the garage has already been converted (without insulation I note!).

Growing up nearby I would consider them the same cul de sac, Flower Grove is right behind the Thomastown House and they are the exact same house built by the same builder, but the Flower grove has a room instead of a garage, apparantly they were give a choice when buying the houses first if they wanted a garage or a room. They all have the same entrance.

thats really interesting and confirms what I thought (that the house was built like that rather than converted). But, when you walk into the garage / room it is noticeably colder and the EA told me the garage had been converted without insulation (im talking about the flowergrove house).

I agree that they are all the same cul-de-sac but I suspect that I am not alone in thinking that the houses further away from the main road would be considered more desirable than those at the thomastown / flowergrove end. the asking prices are indicative of that.

alos, I stand corrected, apparently flowergrove did have a price drop - from 415 to 399.

The one thing that puts me off the arnold park house would be my daughters getting public transport to it when they get older. There are very few 59s so they would be either on the 7 or the dart, either way they would need to walk past or through the park or up a lane, at least with the other 2 houses they are walking by houses all the way from the bus stop.

I went to see this house during the week. Its a fantastic house, really fantastic. But it needs new windows (they’re single glazed pvc), new heating (electric currently), a job done on the teeny tiny and useless kitchen and a bit of a re-working of the ground floor layout (big enough job, moving walls etc). Most likely to take some of the space from the living room and make the kitchen bigger. Needs a new bathroom upstairs and some redecoration. Great potential to extend into the garage. The garden, while north-east facing, is a great size.

I see this getting 400k.

the EA said that the thomastown house (referred to in this thread) has gone sale agreed for 345. Truely shocking IMO when there are far better houses in the area. She also said that just over 350 would get the flower grove house. Madness.

While I like the potential of the 58 Arnold Park house, that sounds like a fair chunk of work to be done.
You’d really have to consider throwing an extension up at the same time.

Could be nice at the right price, though I suspect €400K might be too much given what’s needed.

I think its a matter of opinion on the thomastown road and flowergrove houses, they are both well built houses with good size gardens and garages and have shops which are walking distance and buses nearby. It would be a good walk to public transport for a lot of houses in the area.