WIW 58 Palmerston Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6


Any ideas what this will go for ?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2620280

AMV is 1.8 and given recent auctions they are probably expecting a lot more.

No garden

53 is also asking 1.8 but it has a garden although east facing and it looks like the celtic tiger threw up in it. myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2582207

Sometimes big houses with small gardens take forever to sell - St Peter’s on Ailesbury Road was the classic example (it finally just sold). This house looks nice from outside but I have not seen the inside. The 1.8 million seems very modest for location and square footage, and detached.

Any idea about number 79 Palmerston road? Interesting guideline price of €1.35 - a lot of people at the open view on Saturday.

83 which is on the same side of the road went for 1175 last year but it was in worse nick. 83 wasn’t in bad condition but it had been rented so needed at least cosmetic work
I would think it will get asking. I personally wouldn’t pay it due to garden orientation and the bedroom issue but it is in walk in condition and they seem to command a premium these days

The bedroom issue? As in there is only really three?

Yes I find the problem with those houses is all the space is on the bottom two floors and the bedroom area is always much smaller. I personally would want 4 bedrooms upstairs even if one was just a box room. We live in a similar layout house and it is the bedrooms that cause the real issues. Once you put in built ins etc not a huge amount of room left. One of the rooms up stairs is very small and once you put in storage there is very little room left.

Any more thoughts about either of these properties?
79 and 58 Palmerston road?
The auction is on Wednesday for 58 I’d be very interested in what it goes for!

No 79 has a profound crack in the corner of the three story extension. It might be only cosmetic but if I were buying I would want to have it appraised by a specialist. It also looks as though the stained glass sky light on the top floors leeks too. After that it is beautifully and thoughtfully laid out for modern family living. It has 4 reasonably sized bedrooms, off street parking, a garden (not huge but enough), lovely open plan living area. Ticks a lot of boxes. Mrs TI was drooling.

I didn’t see No 58.

Anyone know if this property sold yesterday? What it made?

Didn’t sell at auction…

Did it receive any bids?

I’m told there were bids but none above 1.5-1.6m and it was withdrawn.

despite some of the frantic activity and bidding wars that have been seen around part of SCD this year I think the market is slowing now more than would be expected for this time of year

failure of this to shift is reflecting this slowdown IMO, maybe it was just overpriced

certainly the areas and price ranges I look at have shown increased stock over the last few months.

Having said that I am sure there are one or two areas where lack of stock will keep things motoring along for another while yet

As someone said I think the lack of a garden killed it. It is a beautiful house on a great road but it has no garden at all in essence so will rule it out for most families. It is a lot to spend with having to make such a major compromise.
They must be very disappointed as 52 got 1.5 and it was terraced and needed a lot of work, it had been rented for years so was very tired, odd layout and no natural light in the kitchen

I think there has been a slowdown in this bracket. There seems to be plenty of people who can afford 1.2-1.4 but once you go beyond that the pool seems to have dwindled. A lot of stock still lingering at that end compared to last year

the house built in the back garden sold last year for 915K.

propertypriceregister.ie/We … enDocument

cake and eating it perhaps?

So would you prefer number 79 due to the lack of garden?
It’s bedrooms vs garden with these two properties

tomandjerry2011 posted on the 31 Waltham Terrace thread that there was only one bid at 1.5m at the #58 Palmerston auction.

managemom.com/MOM/index.php/ … ny-history

Hard to believe the renovation of No. 58 cost €1m+. It certainly doesn’t look it… but I suppose that is probably just down to poor choice of decor.

For 700k they could rebuild the place from scratch (completely).
Someone got done there ?

Sale agreed

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2620280