WIW - 6 Anna Villa, Ranelagh

Just walked past 6 Anna Villa myhome.ie/1876062. There were about 10 people waiting outside in the rain, presumably for a viewing. At least 2 matched my stereotype of a property developer: chubby, middle-aged men, well groomed with flash cars and leather gloves!

I can’t imagine it will hang around long - at least 4 houses on this road have sold in the last year including:

4 Anna Villa myhome.ie/1574563 and the house adjoining Burchills Pub.

25 Anna Villa myhome.ie/1743372, a strange 2/3 of the original house, previously discussed here. Btw there’s a serious amount of Japanese Knotweed in the alley to the side of this house, which may not be a problem here, but would be a big issue in the UK for anyone trying to get a mortgage on the property. Myhome says ‘Sale Agreed’, the sign outside the house says ‘Sold’.

49 Anna Villa myhome.ie/1373282 which was discussed here.

The house next door (back towards Burchills) was for sale at one point. I think it was asking over 400km but was subsequently rented out.

I know the owners and some of the history of this place. It has been unoccupied for about 30 years, so would require a major interior renovation.

is there a garden at the back of 6 anna villa or is it a right of way ?
30 years ?unoccupied ?why sell now rather than a couple of years ago?

sale agreed:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1876062