WIW - 6 Iveragh Road, Whitehall, Dublin 9

Asking €360k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/1966833
this house tick a lot of boxes for me but price steep for general area; any thoughts?

Given what houses are clearing at for example on Shandon Park (also with extension) it does seem a bit pricy.
And some thought the clearing prices there were higher than sustainable levels.

The unextended floorplan is very similar to the Shandon houses as far as I can see, but you’re further out of town and lose out on some period features (would heat/insulation/windows be more effective though on Iveragh?).

Do you see other things to justify the price premium? (I thought of parking first, but in fact many/most Shandon houses have garages at the end of the garden with (tight) lane access).

appeal would be the extended kitchen and nice sized garden. House is end of terrace and looks pretty much ready to move in. I have 2 kids not planning anymore; so 3 bedrooms fine. Both myself and husband work so somewhere that needed tons of work would be impractical. Renting house in D4 for past 6 years and yearning for more space. Couldn’t justify more than €300k for location.

these much larger than Shandon (circa 25%?)

its semi d and has a much larger back garden.

it has off street parking.

they are 3 big pluses.

losing out period features? I dont really see this as they are both period houses…

Closer to town is a biggy, as is the fact that Shandon is perhaps closer to attractions, eg to the Botanics, to the Phoenix Park…Iveragh is close to DCU and thats about it. I fear you’d be car bound here…what can you walk to from Iveragh?

Schools…are there good schools near Iveragh? (And by that, of course I mean are they middle class schools, not how good are the teachers…no point in beating about the bush). I dont think so…Plunketts…Aidens…didnt Liam Brady get expelled from there for playing soccer?

If you get this for €300k, personally I’d say thats a much better deal than the Shandon place at the same price.

Lots of good points (Semi, but end of terrace; maybe larger (I don’t know Iveragh houses well)). Not sure either how much bigger the garden is (and in Iveragh it’s trapezoidal rather than rectangular). Definitely what you get is a big front garden and easy off-street (as opposed to Shandon’s tricky off street)

What I meant by period features is the difference in streetscape:
This: tiny.cc/ofkkgw
Versus this: tiny.cc/dhkkgw

And much safer street to let kids run around (rather than being at the entrance to an estate).

That’s not to say they’re equivalent. Just swings and roundabouts and not enough on Iveragh’s side to justify big premium.

Agreed 300k would change the equation.

The point on size was based on information on the link.

I agree fully that Shandon is a much nicer road, I’d say its probably top five nicest streets on the Northside to be honest.

With the expansion of DCU many of the houses in this estate are let. The neighbouring road (Iveleary) is looking run down as are some other parts of the area. Girls schools are Maryfield off Grace Park Road and Dominicans Griffith Avenue, both are middle class although that is increasingly aspirational rather than factual.

god forbid my precious darlings would come across any ruffians. I would think the area is settled and pretty anonymous, which appeals to me more than huge estates in lucan / swords / d15 / knocklyn / firhouse. Omni park within walking distance with lots of shops and cinema. Actually went to DCU and even then lots of students lived in res on campus, which has since expanded ? Don’t remember going to any parties on this road anyway.

Well you might laugh, but if you did find your kids in a class where they are hanging out with a bunch of kids from Randomly Name It Yourself council estate where drugs, car theft, street violence, pit bulls/ rotweilers, graffiti, beer cans littering the road are common place, I dont think you’d be happy about it.

FFS the pin is over the top in respect to the perceived “dangers” of Dublin. Seriously, do you people drive everywhere or what? It’s Whitehall not fucking Johannesburg. It’s a very handy cycle to town too!

I could name at least 10 areas of Dublin that fit this description, and two of them are in reasonably close proximity to Whitehall.

I mean: this is what I said “drugs, car theft, street violence, pit bulls/ rotweilers, graffiti, beer cans littering the road are common place”

Are you seriously suggesting that nowhere in Dublin fits this bill? Come off it…

Street violence …I might take that part out…maybe thats not quite common place…but the rest I would defo stand over.

Jo’burg is the murder capital of the world…you are the one making the ridiculous comparisons…

the cycle back is uphill though!

It’s a nice enclave, this house a little too close to the road and pub (Port Tunnel has made a difference obviously), Larkhill and Santry a lot less salubrious - St. Aidens would draw pupils from these areas too (Bertie Ahern also attended :imp: :smiley: )
Beaumont schools would be more middle class I’d guess

The joburg reference was obviously tongue in cheek! But to suggest that drugs, car theft, street violence, pit bulls/ rotweilers, graffiti, beer cans littering the road are common place in Whitehall and on Iveragh road is ridiculous! You won’t even find much litter above and beyond what’s normal for around town.

To get back to the question WIW?

I see Gunne has bumped up the asking price on this one from €360k to €370k.

I know a house went there recently for €250 having been on market for over 2yrs, bit of a shell but a do er uper!

Saw through this house so had a call from EA last week saying they had an offer of 325k. Sounds as if that’s been increased.

I think this EA and Mr. P.H.Antom are best buddies!!!

I’ve lived in a few cities in different places over the years and Dublin in 2012 is pretty tame. Crime has come down in recent years not that any journalist can be bothered reporting it mind you. It is, however, a city so you will get more socially unpleasant things happening than if you live beside a bog.

There is a lot of anti-local authority sentiment here on the pin that I don’t quite understand. Many local authority developments in Ireland are extremely pleasant to live in. Often better-located than private estates and often (but not always) good community spirit. The only thing putting me off living in ex-council houses is that they are invariably too small.

As for this area it wouldn’t strike me as terribly unpleasant.