WIW- 6 Tower Road Clondalkin - not your usual

6 Tower Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 Guide Price; €249,950

Sorry, there is no link, but this property is being advertised by O’Dwyer English in Clondalkin and on property.ie

This is an area we have been keeping an eye on and up to now all properties up for sale wouldnt be what I would consider value for money for various reasons, however, this one stands out as is an older house in a more established area and would “appear” to be good value???.

In your honest and often very informative opinions what would you honestly think it is worth please? all pros and cons welcome :smiley:

According to the state agent there is plenty of interest…I know!!!Is it true or not???

Thanks :slight_smile:

odwyerenglish.ie/index.php/p … e-e249950/

Is this it???
property.ie/property-for-sal … 22/605630/

both links

I drive by this every morning going to work -its the nicer part of the village beside the tower

It is it! thank you…obviously not a computer whizz kid :blush:

any opinions on the property in question please?

To be honest I’m not really familiar with it as I only pass by going to work but its always peaceful there -If I was to live in Clondalkin I probably would chose here as its very picturesque and I suppose historical too with the tower, the stone buildings, Church etc

I doubt it!

All you need to know if there’s any actual bids on the place.
If not - assume you are the only one interested.

That’s the better end of Clondalkin. House itself looks to be fairly sturdy although requires some refurbishment (steel windows may not be to taste, the shower in the bedroom is a health hazard and that backyard extension definitely needs pulling down. Your right on a few bus routes which is nice, and have the option of the Luas about 15 minutes walk away. Decent enough gardens to the rear and front, although the field beyond the rear boundary will probably have a housing estate on it when the housing market recovers in ten years or so.

€250k isn’t completely crazy money here, but it’s definitely a bit overpriced consider you will want to do work to this. Assuming a surveyors report didn’t find anything major and the location suited, I think a reasonable price to pay would be €200k.

Umm, how do you know? From what I can see, it’s competitively priced for the market in the area. If the sellers are open to negotiation, I reckon it will sell for €210-225k-ish.

I think you will be OK with the field behind NOT being built on as I work in the area and a friend of mine from the area had a petition going around a number of years back(some Pin members my know there may have been a court case but I’m not sure) that there was supposed to apartments being built on the land but the Tower is on this land and they were contacting everyone from local TDs to Bertie at the time because there were fears excavation would damage the tower and secondly it would be an eyesore. They are not many of these towers left so I would be surprised if something did go up.

It has only 2 bad points. 1 The rear extention is awful. The roof looks like its plastic corrugated sheeting.
2 The whole house needs modernisation.
Take them point on board and that price is negotiable.
220k tops

Here’s some articles about the land so it should be safe enough- I can’t believe it was back in 2004 at the height of the madness with the building but thankfully it was refused

friendsoftheirishenvironment.net … ew&id=4430

emigrant.ie/index.php?option … &Itemid=18

The field in the background is part of Moyle Park College (one of the local secondary schools) so should be unlikelyto be built on in the near future!

It is a fairly centrally located house in Clondalkin and is opposite one of the local primary schools though I would be very impressed if you could get to the Lucas witin 15mins (nearest stop is the Red Cow)

Passed this today Sale Agreed