WIW - 603 Vantage, Building 3, Central Park, Leopardstown, D

Interested in this an an investment.

They rent for ~1200 PM, mgt of 2kish p.a


Any insights?

Do you see these being used for social housing and if so would that affect prices?
If NAMA flooded houses onto the market nearby would that stablize prices of drive them down?

Also, MS is near by and committed to Ireland, is that not a huge plus?

Not a bad location to be honest. You have the luas on your doorstep and Bewley’s hotel, centra and Baan Thai. Not much other than that.
But the surrounding area has a lot of big name companies First Active, Merrill Lynch, Vodafone, MicroSoft, Airtricity, Dunnes to name but a few and there is a million and one small companies too. So I’d reckon rental income wouldn’t be a problem and you could even consider a corporate let too.

Well, the ad does ask for 1200 per month :wink:
IMO, the only people who would consider paying 1200 in this area are those employed in South County Business Park (just off the Leopardstown roundabout). Although these apts do appear to have the best spec of all the developments in Sandyford, I would imagine workers would rather pick up a better deal with an even closer fall-outta-bed-into-work-distance to various places of work in the other business parks.
eg daft.ie/searchrental.daft?id=1219926,

Amongst each of Central Park’s three seperate blocks/buildings, there are absofekinlutely LOADS of empties (not to mention the graveyard that is South Central, not too far away)…if walking around Central Park on a Sunday morning you’ll notice that even the tumbleweed have rolled on to somewhere with a bit more atmosphere!

Considering the multitude of units offered by Beacon Court/South Central etc (offering a v similar product), in closer proximity to MS, I don’t think this is a huge plus.

The empties say otherwise… :frowning:

The apartment linked to in the OP looks great - many of the units this ad represents have a great orientation too. But there are so many, I’d personally wait in the long grass to see how things pan out.
(Imagine paying that 2k mgt fee and you end up living beside others living for free, treating the communal areas just like everything else gets treated, when its for free…)
Unless of course you’re afraid of missing the boat, fill your boots XX

I worked in Central Park until recently and can vouch for the fact that there are a large number of empties in the Vantage development. Having said that over the course of the 18 months I was there, a steady trickle of people moved in. I googled it one day to find out what the story was - not good dude!

Aside from the reek of negative equity and despair I really wouldn’t like to live there - you’re pretty much hemmed in by the M50 and Leopardstown Rd and a couple of business parks. You’re a long walk from anywhere. Although well disguised it’s a semi-ghost estate - large excavations that were never built on and empty holes where the gyms and cafes and shops were supposed to be. The view of the mountains and handiness of the Luas (although it’s less frequent at Central Park than the service from Sandyford) are the only saving graces. Actually the food in the Thai restaurant is pretty tasty too!

Yeah, just testing the water with a mate, I am pretty worried about Apts out there in
general I was just surprised to see one so cheap.

Thanks for detailed replies.