WIW 61 Avoca Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Not sure on this one as I haven’t noticed any house in this estate up for sale for the last two years


Opinions please?

I never got this estate. The houses are on top of each other. Faux pillars - ok then.

Price - would sell at 650k.

484 €/sq.ft

Nice house - pillars wouldn’t bother me. Terrible garden for the money.
Way to pricey in general.

Can’t find it on the satellite map?

Don’t understand this estate at all, they selling for crazy money in 2007 and 2008
irishpropertywatch.com/sales … Co.+Dublin

in 2007 it they were asking €3m for number 100 a 5 bed & €1.9m for number 39 a 4 bed.


Whew, those sale prices are eye watering! Was interested to see layout and the garden for me would be a hugh let down but not surprising when you see how little ground is out the front of the houses in there.

Sorry Conor, lost the will to live after the 6th red door, I give up and I have motion sickness to boot, leavin it to someone else to orienteer :-GC


Pretty sure this is it:

bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=swg1dm … orm=LMLTCC

South westerly my ass!
Don’t know why they need to lie - westerly gardens are great.

No. 14, which was the same basic design/layout as this one, was on the market with Lisney asking €895k this time last year. (Sorry, couldn’t find any links.) It was not on the market for very long and I underdstand it sold, which leads me to speculate that it achieved within 10-15% of the original asking price.

Unfortunately, if that’s the case, it blows one theory out of the water:

I can see 750-800k for no.61 if it sells this season. I don’t agree with this price but that’s what I think it will achieve. And I do agree that it’s way too pricey. Bigger gardens would be nice but they’re so hard to find with a modern house, so I’d forgive that, given the westerly orientation.

I rented in the apartments(Avoca Hall) in this estate back in 2000, houses in this estate were considered very exclusive back then, very well maintained estate. By the time I left in Jan 2001 there was a 4 bed for sale, same as 61, it was on the market for £630,000, so that converts to €799,935, so basically €800k, would reckon we are back to the prices in 2001, maybe 2000, as there was a noticable difference between 2000 & 2001. However I feel the houses have ‘aged’ and ‘weathered’ in that 10 year period so I don’t believe they have the same appeal now as they did 10/11 years ago. Also the 5 beds are a much bigger and grander house than the 4 beds, alot more than just another bedroom!

And the trophy goes to Conor for perserverance! Too many dog walkers around there for me :mrgreen:

Yikes but I suppose horses for courses as they say.

Thanks Pennies for the input, good to get local knowledge/background.