WIW 62 St Albans Park, Sandymount


Needs a bit of work done, around the kitchen area anyway, and I don’t really understand where the garage fits in on the plans, unless it’s very, very small. Has a lot going for it though.

Its strange that they left the garage out of the floor plans, its possibly absolutely tiny or else they have the depth of the utility and kitchen wrong - keep in mind that these plans are usually not to scale, they’re mainly just to show the general layout. I would expect most buyers looking to spend €595k in St. Alban’s to be families, and this sized garden would put a lot of people off, but naturally it’s accounted for in the asking price.

In terms of work needing to be done; obviously all the interior needs doing. The next buyer could convert the garage to make some more space if necessary.

I actually do like the house but the gardens are clearly limited. Number 62 isn’t the only house with small gardens on the road, some have even smaller ones due to lack of side garden, I’d just hold out for one with a better garden if I was looking for something on this road. All in all, the house itself is fine and is in a great location, but the garden lets it down.

agree the lack of a garden and especially room to extend is the major drawback but I do really like the road and I think if another came up with a bigger garden it would be way over my budget, this already is.

Very interesting to view this in while bearing the 36 Wilfield Road in mind. Wilfield is in much worse nick (only 100 sq ft larger) but with a larger garden and potential to expand.

Wilfield is 200k more expensive.


Was going to say the same, that it really make Wilfield look overpriced not that that needed much pointing out. Both equally good roads i reckon and attractive looking houses, Wilfield has a far superior garden but that’s about it.

I find the 36 Wilfield price a joke. Harsh, but I am actually laughing when I think of it.

Wilfield is ridiculous - makes nearby houses such as 43 Nutley Park (myhome.ie/residential/brochure/43-nutley-park-donnybrook-dublin-4/1612664) look cheap at €850k with it’s nice proportions, generous garden and superior location, in my opinion.

Odd you should say that, I am surprised that this one hasn’t moved also, at €850k asking. The plot size is great, and there appears to be reasonable scope to extend given the big job done on the first house on the LHS as you go down Nutley Park. It’s very quiet yet great access via the bus routes etc, and of course if you’re a golfer or tennis player, Elm Park is 200m away. I have relatives living on this road (opp side) and have been in a few times. These houses are very ‘solid’, hallway generous etc. I don’t get it!

The Nutley house is great, has it all really, 850k is a lot of anyone’s money though.

Great analysis.

43 Nutley Park was indeed owned by a judge, who died some years back. His family are selling the place now. I know from experience how well proportioned these houses are (I’ve been in many of them, including this one!). The only real issue with number 43 is the rooms downstairs all open onto each other making heating them all a nightmare - partitioning would be needed. The kitchen was removed following a Sale Agreed last year that fell through, but it would have had to go anyway. You would also need to insulate the place. I believe the place is Sale Agreed again, but there are issues with the bank coughing up.

The garden is amazing. The houses on the other side of the street may look out onto Elm Park, but the sun you get on this side lasts right into the evening.

Went to look at this at the open view today. There is actually no garage, the utility room is it, when you open the garage door there is just a wall. It’s nice alright. Major downside is lack of parking in the area and the small garden, gives no scope to extend and it doesn’t appear to get much sun, none at all at the back I’d say.
EA says there is an offer of 580k and it may be gone this week.

He may be lying but houses at this price point seem to be selling :slight_smile:

She may have been, but I didn’t think so, i would expect it to get close to asking, it’s a top rate location. Will see if it goes sale agreed soon.

The question being for how much :slight_smile:

I think that you could possibly get permission to widen the front gates, which might make it possible to swing two cars in with a bit of rearranging. The garden, however, is always going to be a problem and so will the lack of extension potential. Whoever buys this presumably plans to keep it as is, and doesn’t care too much about the sunlight issue.

still there!

Sale agreed.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1837595

No. 56 now for sale at €675k. At 199 m² it is bigger. I wonder what 62 is agreed at?? I also wish they’d show a decent picture of the garden :
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1955661

The problem is that there’s no garden to take a decent picture of. It’s not much deeper than the garden at No.62.