WIW 62 The Dock Mill, Barrow Street, Dublin 4

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/2228665

Sale Agreed (last asking price €275k)

Rental potential approx €1600 per month plus €150 per month for the car parking space.

Net Rental yield 6.9%

are you really asking for opinions on wiw or what?

Yes, I often voice a negative opinion as to the value of apartments in Dublin.

I was looking for a gaff in that area at the peak of the rental madness around 07-08 and 1650 was the going rate for Dock Mill without parking, 1600 for the gasworks and 1450-1500 for Pembroke square

Shit a brick, asking prices have certainly rebounded in that area. It’s a nice area though, everyone moving up from Cork like me lived there at one time or another as they began their professional careers in the big smoke. These areas are passed down between brothers & sisters, friends and relatives. It figures that it would maintain some strength in the long run. There isn’t likely to be very many apartments built in the near future on top of a dart station, 20 min walk from Grafton st and walking distance to good pubs and restaurants.

Region 225k-250k would have me happy if I was in the business of buying to let with cash, and I wanted to park some cash. The risk profile must be getting much lower on these types of well located apartments?

Edit: I wouldn’t touch an apartment as a gaff for me, however.

284 euro per annum management fee for the car space! Is that the new normal.

There’s always a fee. Usually blended into the gaff mgmt fee, but I’ve a second space with my apt so it’s obvious

Usually varies between €150 and €300 p.a.

Sometimes transparancy is a good thing as apartments without car parking spaces are not charged for cleaning (the car park) or maintenace of gates.

Go to Street view on the map then spin around 180 degrees. There’s a big mob of people waving and smiling. Looks like Google employees out to cheer the camera car. Was this the starting/ending point of the Streetview mapping of Ireland or something?

telegraph.co.uk/property/pro … perty.html

Convert to euros, that’s €20 per square metre

A 72sqm apartment for 1600 per month is €22 per square metre

Dublin is still too expensive

You can rent in Finglas for €10 per m2.

Rents depends on whether you want to live in a premium/average/lower end property.

In the end you get what you pay for :slight_smile:

Dublin is still too expensive

Does it make anyone else really really fucking angry that rental prices in Dublin are bouncing back up to bubble levels, to levels that would put it in to the top 20 in the world - and yet a couple of kms away NAMA is sitting on hundreds of empties at Elm Park?

Not really - NAMA has a vested interest in preserving property values so is behaving as expected.

Monthly European rents in descending order from the same source.

UK €6,559
Monaco €6,358
Russia €4,740
France €4,397
Switzerland €3,703
Italy €2,558
Ukraine €2,550
Finland €2,520
Netherlands €2,376
Luxembourg €2,093
Denmark €2,016
Hungary €1,873
Spain €1,865
Turkey €1,768
Austria €1,741
Poland €1,626
Belgium €1,438
Latvia €1,379
Slovenia €1,326
Germany €1,274
Serbia €1,266
Czech Rep. €1,264
Greece €1,141
Romania €1,136
Slovak Rep. €1,094
Portugal €1,004
Lithuania €979
Moldova €965
Croatia €948
Estonia €874
Andorra €794
Macedonia €787
Cyprus €780
Malta €688
Bulgaria €607

So rents in Prime Dublin are rougly the same as those in Poland :question:

Well, in its significance to the world economy, Dublin* is* a lot closer to Warsaw than London, though I’m not sure that Poland is bankrupt to the same degree as Ireland…

Apples and oranges is right. Poland (which has its own problems with overvalued property btw) costs €13.55 a sqm/pm and the Dublin example is 60% more expensive at €22 a sqm/pm.

I don’t know where they found a 120 m2 apartment in dublin prime city centre for 1600. You think that’s a normal price for something not much bigger than half that size

I can’t think of prime apartments in Dublin City Center, apart from a couple on Merrion St; Ballsbridge is not City Centre strictly speaking and is very much a mish mash of good and shite gaffs.

You have a point in fairness LL.

€6,559 for a 1-bed in Bradford or Macclesfield sure puts Barrow Street in perspective.

Honest to God man, what is this fucking shite I’m looking at?

Personally I think the data source is questionable.

IMO Firstbass quoted a Telegraph article without looking at the underlying data.

Never let a good rant get in the way of considered opinion.