WIW 63 Beech Hill Drive, Donnybrook

I know it’s Donnybrook but €425K for a mid-terrace, ex-council house that isn’t exactly done up to the latest specs (BER E, original pine boards in sitting room and upstairs) and without much garden… And in the least gentrified part of Donnybrook.

Am I missing something? Is this really going to achieve such a price?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/3505593

You could pick these up for €300k or thereabouts in 2012.

Things have changed since then but it’s still cheap given the excellent location.

More wood than a gay porno. (So Mantissa informs me)

Great location though.

Look on the bright side; at least none of it’s polluting the garden. :slight_smile:

Mate of mine rented this house. Drains are banjaxed and require excavation under the hardwood floor.