WIW - 63 Dartmouth Square South

Went to see this on Saturday – agent seemed confident it will sell.

Storage for a family was the main issue for me - lacking any real storage upstairs (outside of some fairly shallow built-in wardrobes in the master) and no attic. Also the kitchen was nice but a bit oddly designed - with a side room rather than fully open plan like most renovations these days.

Having said that a very nice house – am sure it will be above the AMV – 3 doors down No. 61 sold for €1m in 2012 which was the bottom of the market I guess – anything near 1.6m would certainly represent a nice big leap forward for all the residents on that side of the square!

1,6m would be whats its worth IMO - but in the frenzy of an auction with so many bidders having done surveys etc who knows

sold at auction today - €1,920,000

are you sure - the SF website says 1,4




63 Dartmouth Square, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

€1,400,000 - Sold Price Sale Agreed 215 sqm approx

although this seems low given all the hype

yes i’m sure

thats clearly a mistake with their website as it absolutely sold for 1.92 and 1.4 was just the guide price


given you joined at 4.23pm today and posted your first post at 4.26pm today - I will assume (a) you are correct
(b) you are an SF employee and (c) the website - which clearly says 1,4 as the SOLD Price is wrong

and maybe (d) it will be corrected by you when you go to work tomorrow ha ha

if I am wrong apologies - but strange how sure you are of your first post !

no offence taken, i’m not an SF employee, but i did attend the auction

the closing date is at the end of this month so the 1.92 hammer price will hit the ppr soon and back me up :wink:

it was clearly well above the amv price but to anyone who knows the value of these kind of houses would know 1.92 isnt a shocking or insane price

if you bought a wreck and renovated it you would probably still end up at the same price…

ok sorry - just suspicious of a brand new account and the amount of spinning in by EA’s

even if it closes this month its something like 1.5 months later (I think) before it hits PPR but I might be wrong

many bids ?

as far as im aware it will depend on when the buyers pay their stamp duty, if they pay quick it will appear quick

an abundance of bids from a handful of bidders, auction room packed but mostly with estate agents and some people from investment houses etc probably curious to see what it went for and who was bidding

That is a really strong price and is the first glimpse of where the high end of the market (€1m+) is heading.

And there he is!

I love your unwavering bullish confidence :smiley:

I think it’s a mad price. I love this square but the houses have very poor layouts not fixable by a renovation.

They all suffer from the entrance on the first floor problem and the compromise do you make your living area in the bacement with its low ceilings and access to the garden or do you use the middle floor loosing access to the garden and splitting the house and having study spare bed in the bacement. The worst part of these houses are the tiny bedrooms even the master has barely enough room for a double bed and a wardrobe.

But hey it is a nice square!

It is and it isn’t. It’s the highest price achieved on the square since the PPR, but if you look at recent sales on the square, it’s probably in line with them based on the fact it was already extended and refurbished.

32 Dartmouth Square on the northern side of the square went for €1.55m as far as I know. Add on €500k for a renovation and (necessary) 2 storey extension and you’re at €2.05m. Yes, the garden is longer than this house and there’s mews potential, but it’s still north facing and if you do avail of the mews potential then you end up with a very small and dark garden.

Before that, 44 Dartmouth Square on the eastern side sold for €1.52m and now THAT was a strong price. Small east-facing garden, and I think someone told me that the house was laid out as offices and was in tatters. Major renovation underway at the moment. Again that’ll be €1.52m + €0.5m (and the rest) = €2.02m.

There was a sale more recently on the western side of the square at 10 Dartmouth Square, but again this is getting a major refurb and two-storey extension. They paid €1.33m and the garden is the size of a postage stamp. Anyone who buys on the west side is brave IMO, too much risk of that big site behind them getting developed in the future.

Sure, you can wait for one on the south end to come on the market in a state of disrepair, split into 2 units (basement flat + house), pay €1.4 - €1.5m and then dump another €500k into it extending and refurbishing and have to wait around for a year, or you can take the plunge now and pay well over the AMV to secure it and pay what you would eventually pay anyway up front. The disadvantage here is that when you don’t do the work yourself, there may be aspects of the house that you would do differently and thus changing things would obviously make it more expensive.

+1 SoCoDu

63 Dartmouth Square was AMV’ed to get a big headline in the Irish bubble media.
(in an apples-to-oranges comparison of Dartmouth Square houses - which the Irish Times and Irish Independent will execute faithfully.
the bulk of their readers are now downloading for free, so to hell with them).

(always wondered what the “Independent” part refers to).

just two bidders (one is an ex-pat, didn’t know other), took it from 1.7m to 1.92m.
(you could see the beads of sweat amongst EAs in the room at the 1.7m mark, when things paused for a bit).

the looser can buy 24 Sydney Avenue in a few weeks time (for his last bid), and the re-fit will be done by the time he moves back to Ireland
(and he will have an equally good, a potentially better, house in my view).

after that, they are both gone from the system and main buying cycle of 2016 ends …
… and general higher-end Dublin prices will continue to ease into the year.
(unless it is being sold by a certain EA in D6, who “is” the Dublin higher-end market in 2016, and has an amazing ability to wean cash out of the Irish legal types - one of the few local sectors with cash in their pockets.).

there was a lot more bidders than that, no shortage of money in the room

at least 4 people bid over 1.8m, new bidders emerged in the 1.8 -1.9 range and there were a couple of people looking quite dismayed who did not even get a chance to bid but who most probably would have in the 1.8 range if things had not escalated so quickly to 1.9+

Ah … you are an agent.
One day will stream auctions on YouTube . :wink:

thats the great thing about facts, theyre easily verifiable… unlike bull :wink:

theres a lot of bull spouted on here so i would think posters and readers would be receptive to getting facts for once

things paused for a moment at 1.775 but as soon as the auctioneer threatened to drop the hammer things heated up and two new bidders joined the two that were still bidding

Sounds like you and O35 were at different auctions…

o35 is a seasoned poster here, you joined yesterday

maybe other pinsters were there ?

believe what you will…

on the flip side observer was on here posting at 3.30pm after the auction was well over, if he/she was really there what are the chances they would not have posted the result on here then

unless it did not suit his/her narrative

but based on his ill knowledge of the bidding i would doubt he/she was there and just assumed nobody would call them out, as is so often the case on here :wink:

I was there also - i did think that there were 4 bidders involved after 1.8m but fairly quickly it was the two main bidders that drove it onto the 1.92m mark.

Also I definitely think there were a fair few people who never got their hands out of their pockets but probably would have bid if the action was not so strong.

For what it is worth my view (based on being in the room) was that this auction had maybe 10 potential bidders and definitely lots of local interest - not just ex-pats.

might expats just have sent their Irish solicitors ?

interesting if there is that much cash on the side-lines