WIW - 63 Reuben Avenue, Rialto


seen this last week. they also have the attic conververted into office. access is by stira stairs.

Lived around the area for many years and have never had any problems.

Anything to look out for?

I lived in one of these houses as a kid. That one has been very cleverly photographed to make it appear bigger than it is.
At the same time I really like how they converted it.

Not much garden left though is the only thing, and the rain will make a terrible racket on that glass roof. Also, very open plan downstairs, I bet that’s savagely expensive to heat in the -5 winters we’re having of late.

The drug dealers and other violent criminals.

“White or brown?” was the memorable opening proposition made by a tracksuited gentleman to a mate of mine round the corner from where he was renting on Reuben St. To be fair he walked to and from home all the time, so it was inevitable he’d run into the seedier side of the local population at some point.

Good for you. Because for all of about 6 months I dated a girl who lived on Reuben Avenue, going to that address maybe twice or three times a week. Over that period of time I witnessed three muggings on the street, a stabbing in a local takeaway, and two arrests at the local convenience shop. In short, it was what locals described in typical Irish fashion as a very decent neighbourhood.

if memory serves they were selling/asking around 450 in 2008 - saw a couple. They’ve done a nice job on it though. More info on the area on this thread.


200k I’d be offerin’ and a chunk less next year. Only thing is as times get tougher this area may well get rougher…

That house just sums up the Celtic Tiger for me. Clearly a professional couple renovating a tiny house to a high standard - in a slum! They probably spent more doing it up than it’s worth.
Agree it looks great in the photos but looking a the floor plans they definitely seem to be deceptive space wise and it’s still in “da hood”.

It’s a nice house but who’s their market?

It’s done up like a family home, and it seems to be an ok size for a family home sq ft wise, but with only two bedrooms it’s not really going to work for most people. The layout downstairs doesn’t even lend itself to another bedroom there.

Even supposing you get either a downsizing couple (not really suitable for any one thinking about future mobility needs though), or a couple with 1 kid (and definitely not having more, or no kids (and never having any), chances are they’ll go for a smaller, less well done up house in a nicer neighbourhood.

Which leaves you with the landlord/rental market. As a nice two bed, you might get someone in from St. Jameses for about E1200 a month. Maybe.
Or by turning the living room into another bedroom (front of the house, ugh), get E1,500 for a three bed. It wouldn’t be that easy to rent though. Target market is small and those rents are optimistic.

!!! Give 'em a call and it shall be yours at that price. I’m stunned that a pinster would place such a high valuation on what has been correctly dubbed in this thread a poky slum property.

You’ve got to look beyond the house. Regardless of the interior, the location is awful. That fact will overshadow the decision-making process of any smart prospective buyer. (Of course maybe they’ll find a stupid buyer.)

Sale agreed - seems they found their market