WIW - 64 Oaklands Park, Sandymount

Have we discussed this one yet!? It appears to be a new low for the road.


Has anyone seen it? The garage appears to be boarded shut. The fact that it requires “modernisation” and is an ideal opportunity to put your “own stamp on the property” suggests it’s in rag order.

no internal photos = shitloads of work to be done

add 200k to renovate and you have a nice house with tiny garden!..might want to even keep the upstairs kitchen!

Didn’t even notice that! The “kitchenette” is lodged between the toilet and bathroom,… nice.
I wonder what purpose it served. Maybe one person lived upstairs Irish divorce style.

I like this bit:
Facilities: Parking That is all. Since EAs love to boast about OFCH or GFCH (which should be pretty standard in 2012 one would think) I assume there is no heating bar the numerous open fire places.

At €350 per square foot before any renovation work, it screams stay away until they drop the price.

“West facing Garden to REAR AND SIDE of property with potential for extending the property”

Now, I may have this all wrong, but the patch of grass ‘behind’ the house that shows up on Bing maps - better than Google Streetview often for quality images - I don’t think is part of this property. The garden is in fact to the side of the garage, and as such is north facing, with the rear garden absolutely tiny, and facing a wall.

This I found from using the site location map of 2 Oaklands Park, which is directly opposite this house, and available from Dublin City Council planning search. I’ve no idea how to attach a PDF to this post.

It is on open view tomorrow, perhaps someone will either confirm or fix this post - apologies if I’m wrong, but it just looks this way on the map.

I passed this house earlier in the week and had a stare in the window. Complete renovation job. No sign of any electrical sockets in the front room that I could see. Signs of damp in the back kitchen. You could spend the money and make the house beautiful but the “garden” is tiny. The rear reception room faces directly onto the back wall of the garden so I would think there is no more than a path from the back to the tiny side garden. The neighbours have a planning application notice up for a one storey extension which I would think would bring them up to their side of the boundary. So between the tiny plot and the proximity of the neighbours, I can’t imagine how it would ever get planning permission for any kind of extension.

So really it’s not really suitable as a family home. I would have thought that fully done up to a spec that would appeal to rich childless types it could be worth 450-500k - by the time the work is actually done, less. In its present condition, I would pay no more than 250k with a view to spending up to 150k more on renovations.

But given the location I have no doubt someone will pay more than that.

Sale agreed

Viewed it a few weeks. The back garden is virtually non existent, the back wall is about 2 metres from the back of the house, it needs a complete renovation and there really isn’t enough space to park a car without a bit of jiggery pokery. There was an offer of 325k at that stage so wonder if that stuck. I think it was a bit too much of a wreck for me, by the time you’d stick a good size family kitchen etc. on you’d have virtually no garden. The side garden was quite sunny though.
Good luck to whoever is buying it, lots of work to do but it could be a fine house at the end of it

A little bit of trivia.The kitchen upstairs is because a retired older lady rented out two front bedrooms 1965 to 1971 to a brother and sister. Probably for an income but also for sompany and security. The lady has since passed away, the sister got married and the brother bought a house in Clonskeagh.