WiW 65 Kill Abbey Deansgrange


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apparently a bid of 501K has been rejected, executor sale.

Big house, big garden and has potential.
Seems to have a lot of rooms downstairs (viewing this weekend)
Quiet enough area.

Potential to do anything there, but you’d need some change from your winning bid.
NE facing garden lets it down, which I guess is the reason for the sunroom at the front. Still plenty big though so as not to be a problem for BBQs.
The green area over the wall might be a plus for older kids but a minus for security.
Not sure what the other schools are like around there, but you’d want to be on the lists ASAP for Holly Park and/or the Educate Together.
A bit in the middle of nowhere as regards commuting. YMMV!

Hardly in the middle of nowhere for commuting as you are on the good old 46A route there plus other routes such as the 75 and it is a short bike ride (or short car trip through light traffic) to get to Monkstown to catch the DART there. There are plenty of good schools around but you need to research the school catchment areas carefully to see what national schools catchments you fall into as areas around Deansgrange Road seem to be at boundaries between Foxrock and Blackrock parishes and could fall into either.

There are a range of good amenities around Deansgrange these days, even it’s own Insomnia outlet. However these shops and the Deansgrange business park and traffic commuting to and from Dun Laoghaire generate a good deal of traffic on that side of the Deansgrange crossroads particularly at peak hours.

The house looks like it requires a complete makeover unless you really like retro 1970’s style decor. It would be imperative I imagine to get a builder’s estimate on the work required if you are serious and to get their opinion on the soundness of the original construction.

Lots of stuff coming up around here in the last 3 weeks. Every other one has claimed to be “Blackrock” so this is refreshingly honest.

Cheers for the replies.

Grew up down the road and live up the road currently so know the area well and its traffic issues.

Currently the wife works in sandyford but isnt tied to 9-5 hours (she’s likely to stay here for the foreseeable future).
I work in town and cycle. Anywhere city centre i’d cycle but the 46a got me to/from college and work for many years so no issues there.

Schools are a question mark, currently eligible for holly park but that may change if we bought.

Relative is a builder so he’d be the person looking at it.

Wife has been to see it, but i was away.

Given a bid has already been rejected, will evaluate what we want to do. Has a lot of potential but is there too much potential/cost in it

Would be very interested (and not alone) to hear what kind of money your builder relative quotes you to do work!

Understand if you’d prefer to wait until your business is concluded, of course. :slight_smile:

Yeah no issues with that.

View this weekend
If im happy, I’ll get the relative to take a look at some point next week
Review costs, add 10-15% and then workout what to make an offer at…

Will share proposed costs once we are signed and sealed (if it goes that way).

Best of luck with it. :smiley:

How much to update an aging suburban semi-d” is one of the bigger mysteries of the universe. All data towards solving that mystery welcome!

So… went to see it.

Decor is very old, no major issues with that (a lot of mobility assistance items around the house which need to be removed)
Sunroom at the front is ok if a little dated.

There’s basically no ventilation bar the windows in the house, the ventilation upstairs are from slats that go from the bedroom to the hallway. Downstairs there’s none, this needs to be rectified with external vents. As you can see from the external pictures the build up of moisture is obvious.

Front sitting room is ok, mini radiators in it along with a fireplace and then a roller door to the dining room, would be unsure what to do there (id like a glass block wall, but the wife says thats too 1970s :astonished: ). I think you need to block up that exit from the room otherwise theres a weird dynamic going on.

Dining room is fine, however there was a leak from the toilet and the ceiling took water damage, so this would need to be looked at.

Kitchen is again a little odd, new presses/units but everything else is old, tiling looks very dated and looks like it was done by a drunk.

Study/family room is fine and can be be a 2nd living room, utility room is small but effective. Looks like theres a fair bit of damp in the downstairs toilet again which would need to be addressed.

Upstairs bedrooms are ok size wise but as mentioned lack of external ventilation.
Bathroom is for a mobility challenged person.

Garden is fine, fence with neighbour looks like its on its last legs though.

Flat roof on the side which will require attention at some point is also to be considered.

A few other points of note… Nov 2014, bid of 595 (was up for 575) bidding war, eventually the guy who offered 595 realised he didnt have enough cash left to do what he wanted so pulled out, the other party had bought on Clonkeen road in the mean time.

Current bid of 501, was rejected, other interested party would pay 505 but hasnt made formal bid as they are selling their own and in a very long chain

From my side: (below not all in one go)

Decor needs to be re-done. putting stuff in a skip i can do… :stuck_out_tongue:
Needs to be re-painted, a previous life myself and the wife (and her 5 sisters) would have done it but baby now, so we may get a professional.
Carpets throughout need to be pulled and replaced with carpet/wooden floors.

There’s a couple of single glaze windows (not sure why all werent replaced) but would leave these as is for the moment.
Flat roof to be checked out, Likely build extension on top of this and convert attic too in the next few years

Look at feasibility of knocking wall into dining room

Bathrooms need to be replaced not an immediate thing but something we’d do quickly i’d imagine.

We’ll see if anything major comes back when the relative takes a look

Thanks for the update! Interesting that this has stalled around the 500k mark.

It could be a fine house, and it seems the work could be staggered.

yep, builder is looking at the house wednesday morning.

So will likely be deciding what to do wednesday evening once he has given us a rough price + wiggle room for the must haves/nice to haves.

we’ll make a bid accordingly.

If its of no interest to the vendors it’ll be rejected pretty quick i’d imagine.

It’s potentially a fabulous house - depending on how much you’re prepared to spend on it, of course. The road is quiet and the garden is huge by today’s standards. The decor is well dated but is relatively cosmetic. I actually like the fireplace in picture three - looks kind of retro-trendy in a Madmen kind of way:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/3081909

With a bit of ingenuity and some white paint you could update it to look something like this (see also pic three):
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/2826521

There are quite a few similar 1970s houses in the area - especially around South Park where they’ve done fantastic makeovers, bringing them right up to date. Maybe take a walk around if you haven’t already. (There’s one at the end of Clonkeen Drive that is a stunning transformation - it’s the second last house on the right as you drive up from the Library.)

Best of luck whatever you decide.

+1. I would add to this that one of the best things you can do with open fireplaces such as this is to install a glass-fronted wood-burning stove - costs around €1000 - €1500 or so to fully install one depending on size of opening and what shape the existing chimney is in. It is one of the best ways possible to make a house a home IMO.

Hey guys,
First post here but we’ve been reading the site for a while… We first saw 65 kill abbey back in November when it was on for 575k and were told about the previous bidding war. Chose to offer 501k then after it came back down to 545k as it does appear to need plenty of TLC…but withdrew it when it was rejected (immediately) by the vendors. It seems our counter bid of 510k hasn’t deterred the bidder at 505k, helimachopter?, from coming back with 515k… Unfortunately this takes us out of our comfort zone, so we will have to withdraw our offer at this stage. Also heading in to resubmit our AIP under the new regs soon, so fingers crossed that doesn’t set us back any further…
Best of luck with the house anyway 8) I can see a lot of potential there, and sign up for monkstown ET asap if you’re considering it, cos places fill fast!!

so just an update on this (after myself and vasco had a PM convo)

Made out bid, with the bidder and ultimately rejected it, went to 520 in effort to “seal the deal” however while the vendor was considering that, a bid of 525 landed with the EA today… we have withdrawn.

Whoever is taking it on, i expect them to have deep pockets

Hard luck with your bid, but there will be others coming up, perhaps needing less work (and cheaper if lending restrictions work) and you are wise to stick to your limits.

I have noticed that a good number of houses like this (SCD €500-700kish) have come on the market since approx 2012/2013. There were quite few houses for sale in the area before that in the years after the market fall in 2007/08. And the people buying these houses since 2012 seem to have very deep pockets allright, I am guessing that they are spending €200k or more to completely makeover these sort of houses. The question then is - is there an unending stream of enough of these people (possibly cash rich buyers and/or relatively high earning couples) to maintain current prices or has this market for €550-700kish houses in these sorts of areas shot it’s bolt in the light of the lending restrictions?

Hey, yeah, hard luck on the house. As we said, AIP was close to running out and today was our last day, so back to the drawing board again… We were also bidding on 19 Kilmacud Park until today… But apparently the bidding is quite competitive - already 34k over the asking and the agent sounded surprised… I wonder whether there are some people out there in our position who are getting close to AIP expiring and desperate to sale agree, even over the odds at this stage??

Didnt get much detail on the other bidder, they havent had someone in to look at the house (i think)

I wouldn’t be entirely shocked to get a call a couple of months down the line when thet get the bill to fix it up.

If they are 10%-ers that might cause issues as its an executor sale so will likely take a bit of time to get closed, their AIP may have expired.

Well the above is presuming the vendors accept the 525 offer… which they may not…

Taken down last night back up @ 525…
Greedy vendors have obviously had their expectations re-set…

I viewed this back in February. It needs A LOT of work. Decent size but not my cup of tea in terms of location. I think the vendors still need a reality check. In 2014 they had a solid offer of 500k (according to the agent) which they turned down. I can’t see anyone offering more than 450k in the current climate…