WiW 65 Kill Abbey Deansgrange

Interesting to see how prices have fallen without the media fanfare.

Congrats on your purchase! Was following this thread as we went to view it also and thought it needed too much work for what they were asking. Houses in that area and cabinteely are slow to move I notice.

Gone sale agreed

Wonder what it went for in the end, if the vendors hadn’t been so greedy they’d have gotten a bit more for it a few months back.

I think theres a chance this may fall through, it requires a decent amount of work, once the buyer has a builder look at it they might baulk at the price

Just below 525 according to EA

70k drop on what they had on the table in November.

Wonder what “just below” 525 actually is.

She gave the impression that it was 2-3k below… but we will see in time

Hmmm, appears to be €520,000


iirc we went to 525 but then the vendors waited and someone came in @ 535 however they then withdrew but the EA never called me back, we were dealing with his colleague on a property around the corner at the time which may be why…