WIW- 65 Wilfield Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4

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According to irishpropertywatch.net this appears to be set at a new low for the street? Do you reckon it is priced low to attract interest?

Still, almost half a million euro for a mid terrace 97sqm property with rather small bedrooms still seems a bit bubbly to me, or am I not fully recognising the importance of the address!?

Maybe a single retiree might have an interest. Kitchen looks a bit basic.

Nearly 0.5m for 1000sqft these days seems a bit rich, but Im never surprised at the shit Irish people are willing to spend big money on.

Just going by the averages, 480/sq.ft. is way, way beyond the going rate for any part of this country at this stage, including D4. Especially for a very average 3-bed semi. You’d have to be bonkers to pay this.

I agree.
It’s one of those cases where you initially think a 3 bed in Sandymount for €475k may represent value … then you see the square footage.
It needs €100k knocked off the price.

I still think someone will pay in excess of 400 for it to be honest.

Its on the east side of the road so the garden has a north east aspect. On the plus side the gardens on the other side of the road back on to the Dart line. This road had flooding in 1986 with Hurricane Charlie.

You could well be right.

I don’t think it’s a great road. It’s a bit pokey and parking is a nightmare. The main thing that put me off is the fact of it being a terrace and not garage so gives you little or no scope to extend or improve it. There was one across the road on the market at 550k for a very long time recently. It was nicer, had good kitchen extention, beter orientation and a garage at the back. also think it will go for close to asking but I won’t be bidding.

It’s probably the least attractive road in Sandymount. Parking is indeed a nightmare. On the plus side,it’s near the.

Is that a joke, as in it’s near nothing? Or did you mean to write Dart??!

:laughing: :blush:
Sorry, yes I meant the Dart!

I never knew the Dart could be so silent! :smiley:

hard to judge this place from the limited number of photos

am guessing it will make around 425

I don’t think that’s fair. It’s a nice road.

Dead cat on steroids or not; this is not worth €475k.

the prices rises get risier!!! what you reckon Landlord…10-15% price rise in 2012 for SCD, after a 15% or so fall last year…totally sustainable :sick:

Overall I hope not but there is no accounting for the market.

BTW 20% price fall plus a 20% price rise is still a price fall :slight_smile:

Maths can be funny sometimes.

Offer of 450k in already