WIW 66 Grove Park, Rathmines

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I absolutely love this location. Can’t afford 395k, never mind the refurb costs, but do you think it is a good price? I noted that it dropped 100k overnight recently, and that another house on the road that was larger (albeit divided into apartments) sold for it’s reserve of 380k with Allsop.

I would have thought 320-350 in move-in condition. Take away whatever refurb costs, and you’ve got my estimate…

Wishful thinking. 320k for a 160 sqm, 4 bedroom red brick in D6 in walk-in condition? It may be the level you hope property prices to fall to but its not anywhere near what the current ‘market’ would bear.

I would say just under 400k would be a very good current price for this house if it were in walk in condition. It looks in really rag order, so 100k would probably be necessary to do a thorough and professional job - less if you can do stuff yourself obviously, or if you are willing to do it piecemeal. I wouldn’t pay more than 300k for it at present but I wouldn’t be hugely surprised if that would not secure it and it went for nearer the 330 - 350 mark.

I was doing 2k-2.5k per m2 done up, so 320k-400k done up. Minus the works of ~100k = ~220k-300k as is. We’re broadly in agreement, no?

No offstreet parking is a definite issue there also. But the price might be okay if the cost of refurbishment can be kept under control e.g. 100K?

What’s that area like? I know the shop nearby has had trouble in the past and I’ve witnessed trouble on nearby O’Hara Ave.

To get a flavour of this road’s character I suggest walking down it at 11PM any Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. You’ll hear at least 5 parties/sessions going on in the myriad student digs which dominate the street.