WIW-66 Marlborough Road

thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=32778&hilit=66+marlborough+road Interesting info from Mambo.

Per link above in 2010 asking € 1.175M. Now asking € 975 (possibly at this price for a while now???).

I would have thought € 600K and you wouldn’t go too far wrong???

Appreciate any views. Thanks

I drive that road every day and from my observations…

some of these houses have no driveway,
the legislation on preservation of these old houses was introduced before they got a chance to build a driveway, so onstreet parking is all you have (to the best of my knowledge) - maybe there is parking out the back. I know its a terrace house, but some of these houses have a narrow laneway at the end of the terrace housing for a car to drive around.

Can be a very busy road nearly all times of the day (and this road is rarely gritted when the snow comes)
the steps up to the front door are very steep and very annoying for bringing anything in and out of the house
many of the neighbouring houses are let and tend to look a bit rundown from time to time
That said, it is a good location for security, not much joy-riding in the area, good location for schools, etc.
I’d bid €600K

Surprised it’s just 1500sq ft, looks much bigger in the pictures.
Nice house but wouldn’t have a clue what it’s worth.

The downstairs looks big, partly because of the knock through in the living room, but the bedrooms look weeny to me. Big basement level extension I assumed.

Tall narrow house means that a larger than average proportion of the space is taken-up with stairs.

A good benchmark for a house in this location and in this condition would be of the order of €450 per square foot at most. This equates to c. €710,000 at most.

What are you basing that estimation on?