WIW - 67 Castle Riada Drive, Lucan

When to view this house earlier today. Quite a few couples viewing the house. Overheard EA saying to the couple that there was an offer of 200k but was withdrawn. Afterwards we were chatting to the EA and he said that there was an offer of 210K already.

It’s a nice house. What you guys think WIW?



I bought a 3 bed semi in that estate (phase 2) in 1996 for £70,450. In 2006, the price of a 3 bed semi was around €425,000. At €212,000 your paying 50% of the top of the bubble price, will it get cheaper?, yes, when?, no one is quite sure. I left Lucan in 2010 and prices have declined steadily since. We are already seeing (non foxborough/earlsfort) 3 bed semi sub 200k so its a question of do you really like this house enough to buy now or wait for cheaper…

WiW? Between 150-160k

I have a particular interest in this estate as I sold out and moved out of it last year-loved living there just needed more space for growing family.
I have to admit that I was surprised at the asking price-I thought that it was on the high side even for DNG-who have gotten a lot more competitive in their pricing in the last few months.

Two houses in CR have gone sale agreed recently and they were asking significantly less-
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1753866
61 CR asking €189k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1753866
44 CR asking €195k

I can see that the house is finished to a much higher spec and seems to be bigger inside but worth a €50k difference in asking???

On other thing that the EA won’t mention to you is that there is a growing problem of anti social behaviour with teenagers on the embankment to the left of the house. I’m not in CR anymore but I’m still friends with some of the residents. There are also discussions with SDCC and residents in the MoyGlas estate as to what to do with the embankment (some talk of a wall or a clearance-not 100% sure)
My own opinion would be asking €205k-sale agreed €185k/€190k with an expectation that it’ll worth 10-20% less in the next year or so.

Thanks guys. We were thinking that 200K would be the max that we would, purely because the house looked well maintained, big living room, sun room, west facing garden etc. Not really sure how to handle EA in this situation and whether it’s even worth putting the offer.

@Lyn256, thank for heads up on the embankment issue. Really appreciate it. Will have to check it out.