WIW 67 Patrician Villas, Stillorgan, Co Dublin

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Any ideas?

The hint is in the name: think of exactly the opposite of the name, and you have an idea of the place.

Patrician Villas is one of those developments of council houses that the middle classes started to buy into when the boom made them the only kind of thing affordable in the area for many people. Don’t know how many of them are still council-owned but knowing the area reasonably well, I’d say quite a few.

I don’t think it’s especially known for anti-social behaviour - although there is an underpass that would be dodgy after dark, running from here under the N11 towards Stillorgan village and the 46A bus stop. IMO the estate just has that cheap and ugly council house look plastered all over it.

This particular house has a north-easterly orientation and is separated from the six-lane dual carriageway by an earth embankment. Not so good if you like your bit of light at the back of the house, or value your peace and quiet. But if you happen to keep pigeons they will probably elect you as their mayor (if they have one) as it is a famous pigeon-fancying spot: I’ve often seen pigeon-races being launched from the estate.

You’d be much better off considering something like this:
or if you need more than a patio garden, making a low offer on one of these:
or indeed:

I think Patrician refers to
Patrician , the adjective formed from St. Patrick
rather than
*Patrician , the original aristocratic families of Ancient Rome * or a silver haired Pater Familias (Garret FitzGerald/Joe P Kennedy) :smiley:

"Villas’ seems to have been a popular local authority suffix - “Congress Villas” being another religious one

That’s right slasher, it does. But the unfortunate double meaning lends itself to interpretation as a terrible misnomer!

Also any estate ending in “Mansions.” - which are usually communist style apartment blocks!

It’s not so nice around there.

I was interested in a house nearby and recently walked through that estate to get a feel for the area - it’s all a bit shabby.

I was going to email the link to my sister to confirm if she looked at a place therefor in excess of €400k back in 2006.

Given that she then bought a 2-bed apartment in Dublin 2 I think the “look-at-the-loss-that-you-avoided” feelgood factor would have been short lived.

Hey, its a foot on the ladder isn’t it??


  1. Dont buy in any estate with villas in it
  2. Dont buy in any estate with Saints Names in it
  3. Dont buy in any estate named after 1916 leaders.

unless its under 50k, so you can rent it to social welfare tenants.