WIW 68 Parkmore Drive, Terenure

At 695K it would appear they are expecting a huge premium for a renovation and extension on this place. Looks like a decent finish but I would have thought they’d have improved the insulation while they were at it - BER only E2.


52 Parkmore Drive, on the same side of the street i.e. poor aspect, went for 415K in Aug 2012;


59 Parkmore Drive, on the opposite side i.e. good aspect, went for 447K in Dec 2012;


Both of those were in identical condition, needing complete renovations but surely that doesn’t equate to a difference of up to 280K!?

695k for a 3 bed!!! absolutely no chance

One tiny shower/toilet upstairs, no ensuite, no converted attic, downstairs basically one big room.

Garden is the only decent thing about it.




Also ive noticed recently sherry fitzgerald are always the ones behind the ridiculous prices these days.

It does appear to be a deliberate strategy on their part, probably to hoover up clients to then gently let them down when the inevitable strong bids don’t materialise. They’ve a lot of boards up in the D6W area.

Crazy as it may be this might still tip the mid sixes though as the Greenlea area is an incredibly popular Terenure address. I’ve heard that a wreck on Templeville Drive on with DNG went well over the original asking of 450k. Anecdotally I’ve heard 500k been mentioned. Thread on it here


Now sale agreed

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/2541731

This will be one to watch in the register.

Per the RPPR

05/09/2013 €655,000.00 68 Parkmore Drive, Terenure, Dublin 6w

€437 per sq ft…it that where we’re at now, is it :angry:

Expensive indeed, always a relatively expensive road though too. If the herd wants to live somewhere then prices will go up

Really well presented (house and garden) though which means a lot of folks will pay up.