WIW - 7 Avoca Avenue, Blackrock (the Dublin not Cork one)

The second one you linked to in rathgar is in shite plus tiny back garden. Worth no more than 400k imo.

  • 100!

Avoca Avenue has to be one of the best roads in Dublin.
Take a stroll all the way up and check out the gaffs along the way - swoon.

blackrock… meh…

Seriously though, I don’t know blackrock well, and there does seem to be much better choice out than there is around D6 for what 800k-1.2M would get today.
There are quite a few grotty roads around rathgar/rathmines but I’ve run a bit around blackrock and the route from town to the N11 via merrion or newtown park avenue doesn’t have much going for it either. Must go up avoca next time…

I don’t get the whole SCD thing but maybe I’m just not familiar enough with it. Wouldn’t compare rathgar village to blackrock - rathgar is pretty much just a cross roads…But its a walk into the city from there.

horses for courses…

Shows how subjective these things are. I wouldn’t take a present of a house in Blackrock. I think the village is nasty and boring, I think the pubs in Blackrock are horrible and I don’t sense a community spirit that’s demonstrably better than elsewhere in Dublin. Also, the duel carriageway and large open roads with cars racing up and down them would do my head in.

Rathgar though with it’s wee parks, redbricks, close to town, Bijou Bistro and couple of ok boozers…yes please.

I think I have a subliminal need to live on the coast.

I’m less concerned about global warming than zombies, and when those flesh eaters start roaming the streets you’ll need to be getting yourself to a boat.

I also hate redbricks and being too close to town (12 mins on the DART suits me fine). :laughing:

Don’t all get so excited about the price just yet. Just after discussing it with a mate and he sent me this picture: g.co/maps/6t7v

See it? The whole roof of no. 7 has had a big sheet of felt glued over it to keep the rain out. Is this a good feature or a bad feature? I think bad. Article on it in today’s IT says there are damp problems too, and they normally gloss over such details.

Cheap or expensive to fix? I dunno(ttar). But my guess is that add these issues to the refurb costs and you could be spending well over half the asking price again. Still, I’ll go and see it along with the rest of you (aside from anything else, I’m a little curious to see what my fellow pinsters look like in their corporeal form, always assuming they have such a thing).

I viewed this property yesterday. Not only is the west sided shaded but also its a north facing garden…but I do think it is priced well given the area etc

Looks like a fine house on paper.

But I saw this yesterday also and I have to say it is a lot more work than I had imagined. The photographer must be ex-national geographic…

The area - for some
The garden - certainly is a fine size, and whilst there is a muddle of old sheds and greenhouses to be cleared out, it is not hard to see the potential for a lovely - albeit north facing - space.
The size - there is good parking to the front, and there is on “aggregate” apparently good space in the home…

This house needs a lot of work
The roof is sunken from the rear garden view, and there are the issues outlined above to consider
The house itself is very cold and drafty and you can see where efforts have been made to make it more habitable. Currently it seems to be let as a bedsit of sorts.
Some of the space is unusable (and are all counted in the footage) e.g. Kitchen, attic, conservatory and would need to be structurally overhauled
There is not a good bathroom in the house and unsurprisingly no ensuite
There are a lot of rooms but few really good spaces - the interconnecting rooms on the right as you go in would be the best
There are significant cracks in each corner of one of the upstairs bedrooms and there are obvious damp issues in a number of rooms
Then there are the obvious things like complete rewiring, replumbing, insulation, window works and a full internal cosmetic treatment on walls, floors and doors.

The paper today said it is in need of a little TLC. Which is fair enough if that TLC is accompanied with patience and a few hundred grand for prep work before making it habitable. It’s funny though, when it came up I thought that it looked like the real deal, but in truth I would have to agree with some of the other pinsters on the comparable value for comparatively “turn key” homes in very good areas that are still in the market after quite some time.


also viewed this - me and 22 other people! There was actually a queue to get inside.

I also think it needs a lot of work. Circa 1.5 - 200,000k I reckon. The rising damp had risen so far it is visible on the first floor and the kitchen extension would have to be knocked and rebuilt.

Funny why door-upers aren’t priced to take account of the work involved. The people selling this place have probably inherited it, I think it is a fair assumption that there is no mortgage attached at any rate. But the done up places the owners of which are probably encumbered with a big mortgage, are much better value.

Personally I think the house is well priced.

However I think renovation costs would be more like 250-300k+

You better hope you’re not stuck in town when the zombie hordes are roaming the street…

The Dart is simply meals-on-wheels to them!


What’s with the crowd at Blackrock station? Is there a match on in the Aviva? :laughing:

/runs for cover

Couldn’t be a match in Aviva - they’re all waiting on the southbound platform. They’re all heading home to Bray. Have you never been there? I thought you’d spot a Bray person from miles away. :wink:

LOL - I took my 3 yr-old daughter to Sealife on the DART this year!

She’d happily live in Bray. :smiley:

what was the point of the stairs to the attic when the attic is not converted?

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^^^ :slight_smile:

so you are the rich man that built it?

this has sale agreed for the just under 1m according to the EA

870k i hear … prob 300k worth of work required.

I heard under 900k which would tally with this. That must be what an EA means nowadays when they say just under 1m.