WIW - 7 Eden Park Drive, Goatstown, Dublin 14

7 Eden Park Drive

Sold for €600k in Sept 2012
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Asking €845k - went sale agreed but due to the 4th bedroom (attic conversion) not being compliant this deal fell through. Surveyor confirmed that this could never be made into a bedroom and also found issues with drains (€€€)

Sellers were unwilling to negotiate on price and wanted more money from a buoyant market.

Back on the market again as a FOUR BED XX of course. Surprised that the agent (SF) relisted this as a 4 bed given they are on notice of the non-compliance.
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You’d want to be going into this one with your eyes wide open :open_mouth: caveat emptor

I doubt if all this will get them negotiating with you artic fox. Maybe time to move on.

I don’t want it. Was out looking at new properties on Sat. I do hope that any prospective buyers read this and carry out the necessary surveys and know what they’re buying

most will and if they dont thats their own look out.

the vast majority will know that an attic room especially as configured there is unlikely to be technically considered habitable space but they will be ok with that as they can use it as a bedroom

I would have thought they shouldn’t be advertising it as a 4 bed but in fairness most people are aware that there are regulations on what constitutes a bedroom in an attic space and won’t be put off by that. Nice looking house too.