WIW 7 Hollybank Avenue Lower, Ranelagh

Hi folks,

still looking for my bachelorette pad in a nice part of south dublin, what do you think this is worth?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … gh/1596922

its a 2 bed, so isn’t the usual Ranelagh family home and i’m thinking the asking is too high?

Thanks as always

Fu_k me, that is one OVERPRICED house.

At a push it is worth 400k

christ, look somewhere else
way way overpriced

Would i be way off the mark if i thought this place was about half the asking?

Looks like it’ll need an update to the kitchen & bathroom in the near future as well


Holy hell. 550K for a 2-bed terrace?

It’s over four years now since the bubble burst. I can’t believe people still haven’t realised their homes are not worth the crazy past prices.

The sooner we have the property prices database in place showing precisely what houses have sold for, the sooner these people will wake up.

I find it hard to believe this place is even worth 275k to be honest. I know its a good size and in a nice location but seriously look what’s happening the world !

At 250,000 it would yield 5.75%
At 200,000 it would yield 7.2 %
Assuming a rent of 1200 €/month

Wait until its €200,000

3-bed up the road for the same price

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1478542

3-bed on the next road over (though not having that “red-brick” cachet so beloved of prospective home owners in D6 !) for much the same price

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1578733

One can only assume it’s something in the water in this area that makes the current owners feel they’re "worth it! !