WIW 7 Seafield Avenue Monkstown

Has Monkstown risen up in the world? This 3500 square foot house with patio garden is asking 3.15 million.

I thought that for a given identical house the 2014 SCD price ordering was 1. Ballsbridge, 2. Sandymount, 3. Ranelagh, 4. Dartry, 5. Rathmines, 6. Clonskeagh, 7. Blackrock, 8. Booterstown, 9. Monkstown, etc. Not sure after that, but maybe the ranking runs down the coast and then inland to Foxrock. This 3.15 million price with small garden puts Monkstown up there at the top vying with Ballsbridge/Sandymount.

Probably I am overthinking this and the price is just an unrealistic price set as part of distressed-mortgage negotiations with a bank, or a delusional vendor and accommodating EA? Or is there something special about this property?

Edit: Thanks hiphop I forgot the link but include it now:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2952109


The windows of the house look wrong, says it is of a regency period but from street view would strongly speculate it been messed with over the years. Also for over €3m and the kitchen dimensions are 3.5m x 4.5m with not much of a garden to extend into?

As for WIW, still think it would be worth more than the houses around the corner on longford terrace. They seem to be trading between 1.5-2m now in good condition, so maybe this could get higher than that. Think the 3m price is very ambitious given it’s small garden, and un pretty fracade. Maybe it’s neighbours on this road without these problems could get near that price but not this one I think.

Personally I would be ranking Monsktown ahead of Rathmines, Clonskeagh and Booterstown, but probably behind Sandycove and Dalkey. Proximity to town is not the only factor.

That is interesting – do the relative prices tend to reflect that ordering, or is that more personal taste? Dalkey seems cheaper on a like-for-like basis than (parts of) Rathmines for instance. Other parts of Rathmines are priced a lot lower.

Personal taste mainly. Also I was referring above to the more run down part of Rathmines (near the main street) rather than areas like Cowper.

Maybe the sea views from the top floor bedrooms carry a big price premium. Some buyers are very keen on vistas and will pay a large premium for that, particularly in the top end market.

I would have thought Ranelagh, Rathgar, Dartry Dalkey and Howth all would outrank Monkstown in price terms. Upper Rathmines and the better parts of Foxrock too.

As said, the sea views will attract interest but for me, Monkstown is a nothing area, just a way to somewhere else

There are at least three top class restaurants in Monkstown village

Just to show how over priced this house is, look at it’s neighbour house that sold for €3.3m last month discussed in the link below.


In the picture you can see 7 seafield avenue beside the pink house to the left on the Ariel photo. It makes this house look way over priced for the area.

I have lived here for a long time and see the attractions of Monkstown but top-class Restaurants? and three? I suppose its a matter of taste but I reckon the rich elderly clientele are a disaster for good restaurants. The strip however probably has the most restaurants it has had for a long time but I would struggle big time to say three were top class (and I don’t mean Michelin). There are some reasonable spots e.g. Salt, Cafe de Journal seems good (only have had lunch there) … struggling… drums fingers… Seapoint is very limited although the food is nice. Maybe the Italian at the opposite end from Goggins looks good. Just my taste however. What three did you have in mind BTW?

Salt (Avoca) and That’s Amore (tiny but authentic) are top class in my opinion (i.e. worth travelling some distance to go to). The Purty Kitchen is a brilliant local with good food and good craft beer. Cafe de Journal doesn’t rate in terms of food IMO. I haven’t been to Seapoint. The Chinese place on the strip I have been to once and the food was delectable, but there’s something not too inviting about it. FXB’s “The Pub” is decent but not outstanding for south dublin.

For me Monkstown surpasses Ranelagh, Rathgar in terms of amenity and pleasantness.

I must try That’s Amore following that recommendation. I might quibble with your definition of Top Class but OK that is still only 2 places that you would travel for. I don’t know Ranelagh’s restaurants but surely there would be at least 2 fitting that bill. Anyway am still a big fan of Monkstown. PS Agreed re: FXB’s.

Yes, I was thinking about Salt, Thats Amore and Seapoint, which are all great restaurants. Seapoint would be my least favourite of the three but still very good quality.

Seapoint’s food is good but the menu is very limited. Salt has always been good whenever I have been there. Must try Amore when I get a chance.