WIW - 7 Sweetmount Avenue, Dundrum, Dublin 14

Anyone care to guess what this is worth (or even will go for)? Nice refurb and extension downstairs. Kitchen is very tight but dining area is open-plan and very nicely done. Upstairs a bit mixed… One of the 4 bedrooms has been converted into a dressing room with a shower cubicle… Ventilation could be a problem. Nicely done but is that toppy for a 3 bed / 4 bed (after some work)?
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2876896


thats nearly €500 a sq ft.

‘Toppy’!!! it’s positively fekin nuts

The way the market is going I’d imagine this will easily make 700k. Location is great for luas and old Dundrum Village as well a town centre itself. House may not be the most practical for a family but refurbishment looks good and lovely rear garden. The side of house to the right somewhat overlooks the front due to the way the houses are offset, not sure if there is any wall separating them. Would definitely be of interest to professionals looking for walk-in condition home in SCD close to luas line.

In a functioning market, these are pretty ordinary houses in an average area and so should be obtainable for the average couple on an average household income. But it’s pretty obvious that the market in Dublin is extremely dysfunctional. Hence, such average properties are completely overpriced to begin with and yet still make more than asking price :unamused: