WIW - 7 Turlough Gardens, Off Philipsburgh Avenue, Fairview


I have a house crush :laughing: If I was ready to buy I think I would be hot footing it out to Fairview but I have no doubt this will be off the market soon. At the moment I would consider that a lot of offers are probably made with circa 20% off. But an offer of 236k would seem ridiculously low for this, at this moment in time…

seem like a lot of house for the money, I like it a lot.

The ground floor is very nice. Third bedroom seems a bit small.

Interesting thing for me here is that its a near identical house to this…

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/1450036

but the houses in mount prospect is €85k dearer.

Is there that much of a premium for clontarf?

I would say that’s not even comparing like with like, as the Fairview one is much nicer and looks bigger with the extension- so for the same house in Clontarf it would be even more. It doesn’t say what sqm it is though (the Fairview one)- I’d say upstairs is quite small, but downstairs the extension makes it reasonable size. That said, the photos are very good, and they look like those “stretchy” photos so I’d be curious to see what it looks like in real life.

Definitely not like with like, the Mount Prospect one is a much better location. The proximity of the Fairview house to Ballybough would be the only thing that would put me off (and whatever they’re hiding in the garden photo! :question: )

But I do think the Mount Prospect house is when you compare the finishes.

If you have a house crush I have a house semi :nin fabulous gaff.

Its a better location, but its also much further from town…I’d say its an extra forty minutes commuting time into work and back (as in an extra 20 mins each way)…(might be wrong there).

And i wouldnt think the Fairview location is exactly a trouble spot.

I suppose my point is…is it worth paying an extra €85k (or 30%) for the Clontarf location…

Fairview house is 95cm according to the Daft ad.

Mount Prospect is 99m.

So much of a muchness.

Mystery solved :smiley:

Ah I didn’t see this - I always though myhome put the sqm at the top, and if there was none it wasn’t listed. I would have thought the Fairview one was bigger… Interesting :confused:

well thats why I found it interesting…

that the two houses are very similar in size, and both are reasonably well kitted out…though clearly the Fairview one is better in that regard.

Nonetheless, I would see the difference in offer price as reflecting purely the value placed on location.

thats why I found it interesting…the two houses are very similar…to the point that the difference in offer price represents purely the value of the location

Two nice houses but I reckon i’d end up losing the plot one day in terms of trying to get parked and trying to drive in and out of the house in fairview. Looks like a nightmare. would seriously grate on me over the years

I went up there about 3 weeks ago to have a quick look from the outside … I had to reverse quite a bit back down the road to get out… There’s not much in the line of turning spots - It’s an ok road… but Fairview seems to get a lot of flack from a few people I know who’ve rented in the area… Can’t comment myself - I like a lot of the housing stock in the area… as I’m a big period house fan (but don’t have the pocket to match the South Side prices ! :smiley: )

Really nice house - as previously mentioned parking would definitely be an issue on this road. If friends or family were coming to visit a parking spot would be hard to come by. It’s hard enough finding a spot near Bombay Pantry when you want to pick up your take away. Decided not to rent on another road on Philipsburg Avenue because of the parking problem.

My guess is that a parking spot would add €20k to a house like this.

Worth it for the years it would add onto your life/save in jail time for hacking someone’s car to bits with a hatchet some day in a fit of rage :slight_smile:

jasus…maybe a bit more than €20k so…