WIW - 70 Curragh Birin, Limerick

Hi all,

Newbie looking for some informed opinions:



A veritable steal at 109k.

Buy it and never look back… You can’t lose money on bricks and mortar!

To rent to UL students?

What is rent down there these days?

I work in the area, so at most possibly rent to one tenant. I think the biggest downside is lack of an ensuite room from a renting point of view.
Rooms let for around 250 for a single. 3 bed houses rent for 500-650 in the area

I suppose one idea to keep in mind is if prices continue to decline, a larger terraced in similar area could be got for similar, but possibly with added benefit of an ensuite

Magic 8ball anyone lol?!

College Court houses rent at 1500euro+ per month (300 euro per room) as they are within walking distance to UL. Elm Park less maybe 220-250 as the houses are cardboard but still a short walk. Proximity to the uni is not really important unless it is a short walk as all students have cars…but parking is too expensive at the university so they want to walk. Curragh Birin is a bit too far to walk so wont command much rent or demand.