WIW 70 Lansdowne Park Ballsbridge

Just gone on sale, going to view on Sat. Just wanted to see if anyone had opinions on price, information about the area, suggestions, prior sales in the area. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Do you mean 70 Lansdowne Park?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/2003235

Yes, sorry, newbie to site, just corrected subject, thanks

I like it a lot. I saw that pop into my inbox too :slight_smile: It is a great location

Awesome location, potentially great house, although maybe not ideal for kids. For a childless couple who like city living and all that D4 stuff it’d be awesome, and the price seems decent. By the bottom of the crash this will be the post-renovation price though. At the moment, that’s an additional cost, and perhaps significant.

not overly keen. excellent location but I would think it needs an awful lot of work. it’s small so needs a large extension to make it a family home. east facing garden.
as for price, I veiwed one circa 2001 in slightly better condition and it sold for about 260k at auction. I think this will get the asking.

I live close to there and it’s a great area for kids. Around the corner in the other bit of Lansdowne Park there’s a green area that kids play in. You’re also within walking distance of both Herbert Pk and South Dock St Park. The best swimming pool in Dublin for kids is a 7-min walk down South Lotts Rd.

Schools in the area are OK but mostly old-school Catholic schools unfortunately.

Road itself is quiet enough. A lot of residents who’ve been there since they were born, mixed in with 30-something couples with kids. A bit like Sandymount but less stuck up about it :slight_smile:

If anyone has questions about the road/area/etc feel free to PM me. Won’t make the viewing on Sat unfortunately but might drop in to see it next week. FYI a lot of houses on the road have extended out the back.

1000 sq ft without an extension is a grand size. there is loads to do in area for kids so wouldn’t be as limited to staying indoors as maybe they would be in the suburbs.

I think the nicest road in the area for families would be vavasour square as kids regularly play out on the green there.

there is so much on in the area for kids (and lots of it is free or minimal cost): scouts on bath ave, lansdowne tennis club, sportsco on south lotts, tennis courts in herbert park and ringsend park, free rugby lessons in lansdowne rugby club on sunday mornings, the factory on barrow st for dance and drama classes, GAA in sandymount clanna na gael, athletics club in Irishtown Stadium (international standard running track), great state schools in sandymount too - star of the sea, st matthews (CoI), lakelands.
Also active resident’s assoc. ladra.org/ - sponsorship from aviva to do local summer camps too.

Looks like someone else has already had a go at it. Why did they not jack hammer the garden? Drainage can’t be great.

I think it’s plenty big for a family home but it needs a fair bit of work.

I always presumed that being in the shadow of Aviva, with all the concomitant noise and traffic issues, would outweigh the benefits of living on Vavsour Sq or Havelock Sq. Can’t imagine getting my son to go to sleep with Madonna playing in the back garden :stuck_out_tongue:

The Aviva only has an event every now and again, it wouldn’t affect your every day life. That said, I would love to live down here but the prices are extortionate and even I couldn’t stomach the thought of the O’Connell gardens one with the Aviva in your back garden. The roads are very narrow so at least with the Lansdowne park one you have a driveway

Two of the bedrooms, at less than 8ft wide, are very narrow, you wouldn’t comfortably fit a double bed in either

I might be dead wrong but at first glance to overall area seems generous given the room dimensions, hard to call in the absence of floor plans. Decent garden with room to expand but the narrow bedrooms would be a deal breaker for me

Maybe 360k given the refurb work required

My usual grumble about boys’ schools in D4:

God-bothering Catholic; boy-only; uniforms

Hard to get into; as the only mixed and only non-hardcore religious school in D4 (AFAIK) it’s become the trendy place to get into; waiting list to match.

God-bothering; girls only; uniforms.

On the lookout for my forever home :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback re it being a family friendly location…Ballsbridge does not at first glance strike me as being so but the comments above are helpful.

I plan to prioritise location over size, ideally with somewhere that has some potential for expansion, attic or extension if size really becomes an issue. So the location next to amenities like the Strand, Herbert Park and near most places where I would find work (city centre, Ballsbridge) would be more important for me.

This does however need a lot of work, so I would also be thinking the asking price is very high…considering there is a similar size new build with very little to do to it in Sandymount for that price (Lansdowne Hall). Will comment after the viewing!


lansdowne hall are teensy - is it this one?
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1874054

this house has been seriously worked on but it is terraced, no rear access. It’s far narrower than the lansdowne park one. wouldn’t strike me as a family home.

The Lansdowne hall is a bit smaller unless you include the attic. It looks lovely but I haven’t seen inside it in “real” life, although I did take a spin down and the road is quite narrow. The houses look small, and it has that “mews” / apartment type look about it, whereas this one looks like a proper house, if that makes sense!

Personally, I don’t consider short of 1000sq foot big enough for a family and as homemaker said its hard to see how it is even that. I’m not overly gone on the schools in the area rather, Mattews is OK but impossible to get into if you are not CoI or at least RC. Very poor selection at secondary either unless you want to pay.

Aloysius, Depends on how big your family is! :mrgreen: If you are chosing location over size, I don’t think you’d get much more in dublin 4 at that price point.

I only have two kids, our current house is that size and I find it small. I’m am deciding if i can live with those dimensions to buy in my preferred area or move out a bit towards Blackrock and get something a bit bigger, especially the garden.