WIW - 74 Shanid Rd, Harolds X, D6W (595k)

Ok, good extension and house tastefully done up inside but 595k, really, for this road!
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/2655912

4 bed coming in at 1,588 sq ft + converted attic (another 292 sq ft). Extension has seen the already small garden halved (east facing). And still only a D1 BER despite the work done.
It’s on the junction with Clareville Rd so traffic noise will be very audible.

Have to say I like it but think the price is way out of touch for the particular area and for the garden size pitched with the family home angle (not much green areas around either for kids to run off to)

Viewing this weekend but not around to see it. What do the experts on here think

I’m no expert but there does seem demand for houses in walk in condition and I’ve seen some crazy prices being achieved for stuff like this. I wouldn’t be all that surprised to see this going for 500k plus. I think it’s overpriced for area and house type but could see someone else going for it

It’s a lovely house, pity about the size and orientation of the garden, let’s it down. I think it will gets it’s asking. I wouldn’t oay it myself, for that money I would prefer to get something smaller and needing work in a top notch location. I can see someone loving it enough though.

bid of 600k on it apparently and looking to finalise the sale quickly rather than drag it on over a few more weeks and further viewings

I firmly believe you would have got this for 470k or so about 20 months ago. It’s all absolutely nuts

I understand this one up the other end of the road has been agreed at €425k.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/2619303

Based on layout and condition, it needs a good bit of work.

in fairness IMO they’ve put around 250k into refurbing this place and it ticks a lot of boxes for families.
It’s probably taking advantage of the mini bubble going on right now - offer of 610k as of yesterday afternoon and still 3 parties interested.
it’s probably worth between 550k and asking price but will probably end up making 650.

plus comparable house before refurb even at low point would have cost 300-350k. So not exactly major flipping going on.

250k is a big number to put on the refurb and small extension. Would it not be considerably lower than that?
The exterior walls are’nt insulated for example from what I could gather.

And just because someone spent X on a refurb, does’nt mean they get it back in the sale price.

c650k for a house like this on a road like this is a bit mad IMO, but if it’s worth that to someone, then best of luck to them

600+ is crazy for that type of house in that location. Agree with previous post about the refurb … more like 100k

sale agreed

How much?

Couldn’t agree more about the price 20 months ago,lovely house but when a place like that tastefully finished appears a feeding frenzy kicks off,laws of supply and demand.

Sold for 655k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-100639/

Wow, simply fookin wow! 655k on Shanid Rd with a patio sized back garden!

propertypriceregister.ie/We … enDocument
#62, asking €725k in Mar-15
sold for €810k in July-15

Sweet Mother Of God…810k for that and sold in rapid quick time.
I give up

Harolds Cross seems to be an area thats improving rapidly in desirability. Whether it deserves the Rathgar like pricing is another matter…

#72 now up at 750k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/3342270
4 Bed Semi-Detached House 1575 ft² / 146.32 m² For Sale
=€476 per sq ft

Walk in condition, very well done up. But seems cramped to look at