WIW 75 Northbrook Avenue, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1392990

Newer than most of the places on Northbrook Avenue, very close to Ranelagh Park; overlooked by a tower block.

Whaddaya think?

I think it’s nice but that’s a heck of a lot of money for 74sqm that doesn’t have central heating or an ensuite.
Given that the builder didn’t put central heating in, I’d be worried what else he skimped on.

That said it’s a nice house, and big enough to have one small kid in.

Somewhere in the E200k - E250k range, maybe.

Very seriously overpriced. Might just get as high as 260-270k but more likely 240k.

It’s kind of the thing I am looking for - tho fails to tick a few boxes (second loo, vent for tumble dryer, bath etc) but it feels like an enormous amount of money for not a huge amount other than an address.

That would put this one around 190-200k? (sorry for diversion)
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1576629

Around that mark I’d say, or on a good day a little over the 200k - needs complete makeover and (by the looks of it) a new kitchen, and you still couldn’t swing a cat in it.

Look at the following, for comparison:
Dearer than the Rathmines one, cheaper than the Northbrook, but much more house than either.

Ah, but the location is utterly, utterly dreadful. Practically in the Tesco loading bay. They’ve been for sale for what feels like forever… but is probably only around a year. Pity.

I used to live in one of those units and while I never felt I wanted to be so close to my neighbours that I knew if they were going number 1 or number 2 in the toilet in there I was.

It’s also only a great location for Ranelagh village in the daylight hours. At night the park is locked and you have to traipse around Northbrook Rd. It was so frustrating at 6pm on a winter evening when you run out of milk and are a 3 minute walk from Centra but have to make a 30 minute round trip because the park is shut. We used to buy padlocks and lock the gate open.

used to live in one of these gaffs - can hear the neighbours having a piss…

We’re living in a rented house with the same type of electric heating that is visible in the bedroom photo. Apart from the fact that our electric heating is useless, it costs a fortune to run. I can’t imagine that anyone would install electric heating in a house they themselves intend to live in - my guess is that electric heating is only installed in houses being sold or rented to others. That alone would make this house a no no for us.

I forgot about that. The heating was crap and expensive and the bedrooms were incredibly damp. Every winter was a running battle with damp in the bedrooms. A lot of our furniture and clothing got ruined as the damp got into the wardrobes, the bed, our books. It was honestly a nightmare.

basically they are not very well built houses and not worth the price imo except for the location if that’s what your looking for

Thanks, it’s good to be warned about the cost of electric heating. I can believe what you say about the damp too. I took a look at this place, and despite the new paint job it looks like there are damp patches inside the hot press (at the top).

I’ve had these exact storage heaters and when I used the night-time rate in a well insulated room I’ve found them good value and very powerful. I always seem to be in a minority opinion when it comes to storage heaters though. Maybe I just got lucky with good insulation or a particularly good unit or something.

these always rent like hot cakes. BTL … 2 parking spots so maybe 900-1100 pm max rent so that should floor from a yield POV. Have been living and renting round here for 10 years or so now.

I’d expect this to rent for ~1300pm, and there’s always plenty of demand…storage heaters really off putting though, have had them twice and useless both times, never again

The apartment I’m in has them and they’re grand for the job.
It’s a well insulated place though, you can’t hear a peep from any of the neighbours and the heat insulation must be similar.
On top of that the only outside wall is south facing and there’s a flat above, below, to the left and to the right.
Storage heaters are perfect for the two weeks a year we actually need some form of heating.

75 Northbrook Ave on the other hand is an end or terrace with three outside walls and a roof.
Unless the insulation is superb I’d expect storage heaters to be a very expensive form of heating.

€400k for that is just a nutty price.

My place is similar, electric heaters, crappy insulation (superficially looks like it should have proper insulation but doesn’t, grr - I noticed this last December when temps plummeted) and a lot of external walls. Was totally unheatable last December, even with heat on max. Spent the month living in many layers of fleece and freezing, and had a massive heating bill for the privilege. Am moving before this winter!

Now reduced to €349,000. Which in the email is presented in large bold font, hmm, still not tempted. 2.5 hour open view on Saturday, which is quite long for such a small property surely.

You’d have to hope any prospective purchasers would find this thread and read iguana’s experience in this complex…

A 3-bed across directly the road - No. 59 - now down to €395,000 from an original €460,000, which puts considerable pressure on No. 75 at €349,000 I would have thought:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1478389