WIW 75 St Helens Road Booterstown


Nice looking house in pretty good condition located up at the top of the St Helens horseshoe. I’ve a reasonably good handle on what it would take by way of extending it, but was wondering if Pinsters could comment on the St.Helens area, compared to other localities at this price point.

There seems to be a fair bit of activity up there in terms of houses for sale > sold > in the process of being extended at the moment

A safe bet?

I like those houses but they are frothily priced for what they are

Also there is something about a bridge and the Merrion gate someone will be along shortly to elobarate !

id echo this, something closer to blackrock village would appeal more to me

And you’d pay more too - especially for anything with a back garden of that size!

I’m not sure if these houses are overpriced, given the location. What price *should *they be, compared to anywhere else? They’re about on a par with a similar sized Mount Merrion house which would be further from town.

What I like about this road is that the 1930’s style is almost completely intact - even those with extensions where the garage is have maintained the look.

What I don’t like about this particular house is that large ugly pole on the footpath right outside the gate, with a lot of wires attached. The view from the front door and bedroom is compromised somewhat.

But it’ll get that price or very near it.

The fact that it is a cul-de-sac puts me off, too many potential problems if cursed with bad neighbours.

It isn’t a cul-de-sac.

I’ve no doubt it’ll get the price I just don’t get it and I’m a massive fan of blackrock.1m for 120sqm semi d!

All the location has is proximity to booterstown dart but that’s it

For me I’d go for

Property: 4 Bed Semi Detached, Neptune House, Temple Crescent, Blackrock, Co Dublin myhome.ie/4009136


This and have the 200k extra towards the renovation

Property: 22 Frascati Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin myhome.ie/4191285

Much better location and similar vibe