WIW 75 Wainsfort Road, Terenure

Hey all, what do you reckon a house like 75 Wainsfort Rd is worth? Houses in that area?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ure/335038

Am I on the right track when I say the following based on…

520 (assuming 3-4% fall this year) has 9% to go in 2011- making it €473,200
And expecting 14% drop next year making it €406,952 or circa €400k value in 2013 Qt1

Salary calc:
3-5X salary- presuming good area and as such salary- when combined 300-400k range?

Rental calc:
1500per month x 12 x 20= 360k
1500per month x 12 x 15=**270k **(very low?)

70% drop from peak
Value 1.1m a peak? hence 330k

So i suppose taking the average of all the above (except 7% yield) circa €360k

Or is the 7% yield the real figure at 270K

Or of course am i mad? :-GC

Any opinions?

The very fact that you’re doing those sums means you’re not mad. But someone who is barking convinced of an imminent upswing in the market will not doubt hand over the guts of 450 K for a soulless box in D6w

Hey, my 1.1m peak was a bit of a guess- I can remember a 4 bed detach in area up for 1.25m around 2006/7 so gauged it off that but i suppose who knows!!

New on DAFT, 89 Wainsfort Road, 495k

I think those calculations give you a perfectly reasonable range to ponder. I think I’d be somewhere in the middle, €325,000 - €350,000 maybe, representing an “above average” South Dublin semi-d based on the basis that is has 4 bedrooms, a fairly large back garden and a preferable address to places like Knocklyon and the dowdier parts of Rathfarnham. In those places, 3-bed semi-d’s should be €200,000 - €300,000, so Wainsfort in general and this house in particular would have a modest premium over those.

Just IMO, and I tend to err on the upside in these games of guesstimation.

my offer here would be 133,699 euro, 4 gold ingots (small), a new lawnmower, a small (15) flock of geese, 2 milch cows, 3 heavy pigs and 6 light pigs…no more no less…

80 Wainsfort Road Terenure €395k
1,500 sq ft = €263 / sq ft
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/1477189

89 Wainsfort Road, Terenure
now €395k as well
€311 / sq ft

Im going to predict a price of €160K by 2015 based on Mortgage lending reverting back to a multiple of one salary or a cash buyer @ €150.

ok - I know I have only spoken the language for nearly 40 years now - but what does semi detached mean ?
I always thought it meant half attached as in one side was not attached. Does it mean that the front and back aren’t attached to anything maybe ? XX

I’ve had a theory for some time that “semi-detached” is a state of mind when it comes to situations like this.

In that universe, describing this as “terraced” isn’t correct, because when people talk about a “Terenure semi-d” this huose rings that bell, even if, technically, it is not semi-detached.