WIW - 78 Castleview Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

This house (myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 22/1946030) came up for sale 5/6 weeks ago, I phoned the EA after week 2 to arrange a viewing with OH. The EA told me the house was “under offer” with 2/3 bidders and the current bid was €227K, 2k off asking price, he paused for my response of which I gave none except to reask him could I arrange a viewing. He seemed disintrested, took my name and number to get rid of me and I never heard anything since.

My OH was disguested and wanted to phone back in a few days to arrange the viewing again, I didn’t bother as I thought the house was gone and a sale agreed sign would be put up. To my bemusement the house is still for sale and the EA never phoned me back for a viewing. I wonder to myself if the vendors know of this carry on, or if in fact they’re still playing the bidding war with the other 2/3 bidders hoping to get the sale with them.

What would you think of this or do you think it’s a bluffing game, nobody bidding at all? It’s def 2/3 since I called, what do you think the house is worth?

Thanks in advance!

Does anyone think this is good value?

I dont know what part of Clondalkin this is in but I think it’s done up quite well.
Garden and bathrooms look nice. Don’t think it’s worth 229 though, maybe closer to 200k

I asked for a viewing on this place about a month ago now, EA never got back to me, might call again, just wondering what other pinsters thought of it price wise, what % should I start off with and what should my walk away %/ price be?

Thanks in advance

There are many houses for sale in that area but this one certainly looks far better inside than most of the others - from kitchen to bathroom to the seemingly good attic conversion.

You’d spend several grand getting some of the other houses up to this standard . Am surprised that it hasn’t sold.

If you do view and like it then offer 215 and see what happens. But if there’s a refusal what will you do -would you go to 227k ?. Or, would you refuse to pay the the last few grand and later regret it? Frankly, that looks like a well-finished proeprty near to the shops with few social problems in that area.
(I had a shop in the Mills S.C. nearby for many years)