WIW 79 Ashfield Road, Ranelagh

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One for the Ranelaghmaniacs on here to mull over. Nice looking house on the face of it. Parking id imagine is sticky enough on this road though, Would an offer of 520 or 530 be considered or ye reckon it will sell for closer 570/580?

Sale agreed (last asking €625k) BER G 1560 sq ft

“…updates have included…restoration and draught proofing of the original sash windows with the Ventrolla system. The kitchen and family room have been refurbished and insulated to a high standard in 2008”

…and still BER G.

Ranelagh is so 2011.

Your comment is so last year :wink:


Old age + my short term memory = XD

At least you’re consistent!

This will be an interesting yardstick for how mental things are. Looks from the pictures like an executor sale in need of a big spend to bring it up to modern standards.

Last asking is €400 per sq ft.

Plus it is directly across the narrow road from a beer garden which can be extremely noisy at weekends and nighttimes…

Great place for the new owners to drown their buyers’ remorse induced sorrows during the renovation works.

69 Ashfield Road on market now.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2515450

69 appears to be in much better condition than 79 which needed quite a bit of work. It will sell for at least the asking id imagine considering the demand in this area. Its an extraordinary amount of wedge though for a house that more often than not, you will simply not be able to park your car outside!

69’s condition is better but not as much as we hoped. And it lacks 79’s brick-clad dormers, which means you have to be tall to see out the front bed window. Reckon a good spec here would start at 130k.

Sold for €595k:propertypriceregister.ie/Website/npsra/PPR/npsra-ppr.nsf/eStampUNID/UNID-ABAF20F7165E271580257B8F0049E7F1?OpenDocument

69 sale agreed.

69 sold 23-9-13 for €660k