WIW - 79 Patrick St. Dun Laoghaire.

…asking 385k and been on the market a while I hear.


Strikes me as being a bit on the pricey side considering the amount of work required / lack of garden.

What’s the location like - if considering converting back to residential? Transport links allow children access to existing schools so that’s a plus.

No parking and only side gate access. I considered it but realised you are only buying hassle.

Streetview indicates a brave motorist who’d park on that double yellow line. That and a lekky gate would sort the parking, I’d have thought. It appears to be possible to stick a railings along the front to somewhat restrict passersbys knocking on your living room window.

Any idea how busy that road gets? Or what kind of pedestrian traffic is involved. Is it a rat run for folk staggering home from the pub/nightclubs?

What other problems do you envisage (I mean, you’ve de rigueur Celtic Tiger floor tiling all over the place downstairs to start you off)


Anyone got a view on this 'un?

I could be wrong but I think that was a model railway shop in the recent past. Or was it model cars and buses etc? (Probably both.) Patrick Street is very busy and it’s also one-way - I always use it to get out of Dun Laoghaire. There’s a busy building suppliers depot up the road too so always plenty of vans and trucks around.


Memories of Hornby past (or was it Lima?)

I worked on this road until earlier this year. It’s quite a busy road pretty much all day with vans and trucks going up past this building to the builders yard, as has been mentioned. Parking is at an absolute premium and any visitors you may have at the house will be constantly hassled by the parking wardens who seem to like this road more than most in Dún Laoghaire.

Walking to the town for lunch you have to keep your eyes to the ground on Patrick Street because of the dog fouling that the council never addresses (even when hounded with emails and calls). Some people suggested to me that it may be dogwalkers who use the street when walking other peoples dogs or even the dogs that visit the vet across the road from this building. It is ever present though and annoyed the hell out of me, even though I was only working there.

There is also a methadone clinic about a hundred yards towards the town on this road that has a reputation, deservedly or not. I was never hassled or anything but it is something to consider.

The things you uncover at 'Pin! Thanks I-KOTH…

Yes not a great spot for parking and access as one way

Back on at 410K myhome.ie/residential/brochure/79-patrick-street-dun-laoghaire-dublin/2806608?utm_source=MyHomeie&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=PropertyAlerts&utm_campaign=ResidentialForSalePropertyAlert

The street (at least this end near George’s St.) is largely commercial. The major problem is parking, there is no parking and no possibility of developing parking (it backs onto former health center thing, not a lane like most other properties around there. Parking aside, the location is good, close to dart etc.

This didn’t sell at 385 because it doesn’t actually resemble a proper house, most sane people look at this and say this at this price is largely unworkable. So what’s an EA to do, why raise the price of course. For fecks sake this is now bordering on pure tragedy in Dublin.