WIW 7b Taney Park, Goatstown

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Goatstown/Dundrum…it’s 1 of them!

About €290 per sq ft. Big garden, private from the houses next door. Streetview seems to indicate it’s a lane rather than a road down to the house
Anyone have any thoughts on this…looks good, esp with a new kitchen and a bit of reorganising the interior

Lovely house, and a great location. The lane might be slightly creepy at night with through (pedestrian) traffic from Luas and Dundrum to the Rosemount estate

Seems to be decent value depending on how much that ‘modernisation’ is going to cost.

It’s very much Dundrum, IMO, but not typical of Dundrum housing

Nice house but very dated looking.
The blurb doesn’t mention anything about heating so it’s probably oil and no BER cert which means that it’s probably really bad. No pictures of bedrooms or bathrooms really sets me thinking too . . . . . is there something to hide??? :nin
It’s hard to say but “prefab” springs to mind when I look at the pictures and those windows look so old I’d say they have more draughts than a Scotsman’s kilt! It would probably cost a fortune to insulate before you even think about modernising or changing the layout.
A lot of pedestrian traffic on the road but that might not be an issue if it slightly back from the road plus Taney Road is Dundrum not Goatstown if that makes a difference to you. :unamused:

Lots of interest and viewings already scheduled apparently

This is a cheap asking price compared to stuff in the area. Dormer bungalows up the road were asking 700+ a year or so ago. 3 and 4 bed semis in the Larchfield area of Goatstown are asking this sort of money at the moment. Given the privacy advantages here I would expect this to go at or above asking unless the renovations are really going to be savagely expensive

Yeah but this house is in Dundrum, not Goatstown and given the circa 18% drop in houses prices since last year and the cost of renovation. Does this house really represent value?

Ouote: The Central Statistics Office said residential property prices dropped by 17.4% in the year to January, the biggest annual fall since January 2010.

Source: rte.ie/news/2012/0228/house-business.html

The year on year fall for Dublin houses was actually 21.7% in Jan :slight_smile:

I had a look at the satellite views to figure out which rooms are where, and I think that while the potential *is *huge, the renovation *would *be quite significant if you wanted to get it right.

The house has a fantastic opportunity to make the most of the sheltered southwest facing L-shape at the rear. However, this has to be where the garage and playroom are (look at where the car is parked, and then look at where the garage door is in the floorplan of the house. It’s a huge waste of an opportunity. That part of the house should be converted to be the main living space (and opened up to light and the garden, which would be a dream for the green-fingered). So the garage/playroom would become either a new kitchen and dining room or a more open-plan living space. The living room is already in the right place (should benefit from afternoon and evening sun), so that’s a help.

The other problem is the tiny bedrooms. The north end of the house needs to be completely remodelled, with pretty much all the internal walls coming down and fewer, more spacious rooms put in. With the kitchen being moved as per the above suggestion, that would add to the available space, so it may be possible to have three decent-sized bedrooms and a study, or four modest beds but no study. Of course it might also be possible to extend.

So I believe that to do justice to the house would take a fairly big renovation and remodelling. Guesstimate up to 250k - lots and lots of demolition and building work to be done - but I’m really just stabbing in the dark there and it would probably be easy to spend less by taking it easy on the standard of finishes. Of course, a much cheaper solution would be just to move in and live with the existing layout, or to renovate that layout to a minimum standard. But then you’re really not using a fraction of the potential of this house. A more expensive solution would be to knock the whole thing and build from scratch. The site could well attract that kind of buyer.

Either way, I think it’s a great site and a house with great charm and potential for much more. I would be quite surprised if it didnt achieve close to its asking price. Because of the unusual range of potential options, if I were the vendor or EA, I would have considered putting it up for auction.

Go check out Daftdrop.com, search for 4-bed houses (bungalow, detached, semi-d) in Dundrum, and you’ll find that the drop was in the low single-digit percentages.

Also with Sherry Fitz, 100 grand more expensive

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I’d certainly rather 7b Taney Park and 100k in my pocket to spend on it.

I just did and it shows a drop of 23.9% and more specifically no.1 Taney Drive 4 bed bungalow :-


So I would concur with Glenmorgan assessment of forecasted price drops which aligns with the official IAVIs assessment of the year ahead. Of course , these drops were announced before the imminent exit of Greece and the inevitable implosion of the Euro :angry:

thanks for the responses…the aspect and insulation points above are very informative.
I like the uniqueness of this house…it’s in a good location close to the city centre and yet ‘isolated’. I just could’nt afford it at this price PLUS the works that would be needed…don’t think I’d have the patience for that amount of work either

I agree that the plot is lovely, but the house is in poor condition. There is a lot of damp throughout the house, cracks on the outside walls around windows, all the windows need replacing, insulation is needed throughout and the bedroom ‘wing’ is tiny. I agree with the previous poster that it needs to be completely remodelled and to get decent size bedrooms you’re looking at a three bed plus study. Also, the playroom is just breeze block construction beside the garage with painted block walls, I wouldn’t consider this an internal room at all. While there’s good size here, it is chopped up into small rooms that don’t lend themselves well to being opened out without spending a lot of money. We were expecting this to be in a liveable condition, and while we’re not really fussy, this is not liveable.

this will sell for above 500k. THe market is in recovery. Taney Road is very popular. Recent sales there for 525k and 475k on the main road for semi-d’s.

This property doesn’t live up to the pictures in any way.
Prepared to be suprised to anyone yet to view it. Bed rooms are tiny, tiny, tiny and apart from the cracks in the walls all the windows are single glazed and the heating is oil. The garden is a mess and after spending a fortune redoing the house I hope the purchaser has money to do the garden. The patio area is totally overshadowed and is, along with the roof, covered in moss balls which would indicated that it doesn’t get much sun. The already small, dark house is not helped by neighbours over hanging trees either.

thats a few very bullish posts from you on various forums…for real or being sarcastic :wink:

I agree with doubledigitgrowth this will sell for more than €500k

Although the house needs work this is a detached house with large gardens in a relatively nice area.

Do you thing it will sell for less or are you just hoping that it will :slight_smile:

I love these Bullish statements :smiley:

In the absence of a House Price Index how do you have this info ?

Links man , links ! For the love of God links !! XD

hope springs eternal !..nope, well out of my bracket this, what with all those works needed…not to mention my lack of patience for that type of thing
it’s all yours…

drove down tany park to have a goo at this on Sat.
tany park is a shortcut for the block of flats behind into Dundrum village, “Rosemount” I think they are called and in the short space of time we spent down that lane both I and the wife both noticed the large throughput of shady looking characters in that lane.
I would not go down it at night.

For real. It will sell for at these levels. There are enough buyers out there to bid it up to these levels.