Wiw 8 Belfort House, Sydenham Villas, Dundrum

Any ideas why such a whopping great service charge on a townhouse with presumably no lift?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2533582

Meant to add: €2775 per anum

I would class this as a ground-floor duplex with own door… not a townhouse. If you are attached to a block of apartments, you are living in an apartment.

Also service charges aren’t calculated based on what services you use. A ground floor apartment which does not benefit from a lift will have more than likely the same service charge as a similar apartment on the 3rd floor, whose owners use the lift 10 times a day.

That price is batshit crazy

I’m just wondering why anyone would choose this rather than even a mid terrace? When you live in an apartment block you have management fees, lots of noise and shared communal areas. Didn’t see from the ad what communal area there was. Also there could be fights over parking space. Even in a mid-terrace you own your front and back gardens which means your car park space is saved. If the neighbours on both sides are noisy then you can at least resort to soundproofing. My sister lives in an apartment and there is noise from everywhere not just left and right but above and below.